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Southwest Candle Supply


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Hi there,


I just wanted to ask if anybody has ordered from them lately as I've sent them several messages but never got an answer (through email and their contact form). I always like their oils a lot but no reaction at all from them makes me a bit angry, I must say.

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The ONLY reason I use them is they have a few of the oils I've used for years that I can't get anywhere else.  I inquired about their shipping once -- which is astronomical by the way -- I was told they're linked in with UPS and that's what they charge.  Yeah, with your added cushion profit maybe!  Anyway, not my favorite place for oils when there are so many better companies out there.

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Meanwhile I got an answer from them, ordered and received my stuff. I've been using their oils for many years now (when they still were Just Nature) and they are really good (and my standards qre quite high!). Shipping is not cheap but so is shipping from many other companies. USPS isn't used by a lot of companies, at least not by those I am using. I will stay a customer of SWCS.

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