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Scent stuffed animals


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I'm going to be adding some scent sachet stuffed animals soon.  I'm about to order the plush but got thinking; would it be better to use essential oils or do you think fragrance oils would be fine?  I know EO's would jack the price up since they are expensive but I'd willing to do it if it's better.


Anyone know if the big name uses regular oils?  

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It's craaaazy.  I saw like $40 for a sample size of Chamomile (which would obviously be great for sleep).  Holy smokes.  Maybe I'll do a lavender EO bear since I have some and don't use it often but jeeze, I don't know how people use EO for anything other than personal use!   I can always make note that I can make them with EO's but that there is an extra fee.

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