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Clarus 3022 with CD, CDN, Zinc wicks?

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Love this wax! Tried CDs and CDNs, but even with different sizes I tried, I do get some soot. It may just be that I am not used to working with CD wicks. Connie's recommended Zinc -- I wasn't too crazy about the zinc wicks in this wax. Anyone use wicks other than CDs, CDNs, or Zincs with this wax?

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I've tried LX wicks with this wax and they do just fine but prefer cdn wicks. Zincs couldn't handle 3022 and I didn't like the look of eco wicks but they did just fine. The issue of soot on the jar is a tough one. Bakery fragrances high in vanillin and some other ingredients tend to burn off in the form of soot and unless you find a more efficient combination of wax, wick and jar through testing will have to accept a certain amount on those fragrances. The other solution would be to move on to another fragrance that doesn't soot and provides a more efficient burn. Straight sided containers do the best but really this wax will work in just about all applications.  HTH



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