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Fragrance ideas for boy baby shower


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I am new to this forum and I just love reading everyone's posts.  I learn so much from all of you!  I am making melts for my daughter's baby shower in August.  Just looking for ideas for scents -- thought maybe baby powder -- but can make anything.  I am looking to be creative with some fun "baby shower-ish" names to go with the scents.  Any ideas for best scents, supplier and fun names?  Thanks in advance!

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I am going down the path that these are favors for the guests and not a basket for your daughter or the winners of games. I could be incorrect but I suppose this could work no matter.


I like the idea of remembering that these people will be melting these in their own homes. So, perhaps not so much predictable baby scents but as you suggest have fun with the names. Flannel Sheets FO and call it "Swaddle" or Clean Cotton and call it "Nap Time" or any clean or laundry type scent and call it "Bath Time" or "Clean Baby". Even a latte or coffee scent and call it "Long Night"...haha! You could have a lot of fun playing with names that you could really call any scent that you want. That way, the guests will get a scent that they are likely to have interest no matter their life stage. I'd avoid scent names like "Motherhood" or similar as it is likely in a group gathering there could be a lady in attendance who has struggled with not having a baby of her own and the gift could be a painful reminder.

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Lavender Chamomile -- (Diaper power ... maybe)

Lavender (Lavender Blue Dilly Dilly ... don't know if you know the song ... or call it rock a bye baby)

Odor eliminator (OK I had to say it lol)

Basil, Sage & Mint ( ... dunno ... something that goes with shhhhh. It's a calming scent.)

Butt Naked (just leave it as is)

Monkey Farts (could leave as is)

NG has one called Child's Room (supposed to smell like Mr. Bubble)

NG also has April Fresh  (No more dirty hamper)

NG has Fruit Loops too that you could call something else

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