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Going to the Raven's Nest booth at Renaissance Festival!!!


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Hi Everyone! I'm going to the Renaissance Fair here in GA on Sunday. Of course I have to stop at the Raven's Nest booth for all their amazing dried herbals and spices. I'm looking for suggestions on what to possibly purchase from them. I already have Chamomile powder and Calendula petals but what are some other dried herbals/spices that are a must to get from this vendor? Thank you for any advice or suggestions you all have!

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They do have FO but they are priced very high. I would buy them if they were at a wholesale price. Maybe I need to talk with them. They also seem like they couldn't really be bothered but that's just opinion. I'm hoping they have some dried botanicals I can use in my soaps.

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It was really fun!! I went with a friend and he had never been before. There were several soap/ BB vendors there. I didn't buy anything from them though.

I did to Ravens Nest and buy a few things.

I got a wonderful bag of dried rose petals & orange peel potpourri. I can't wait to use that on top of a soap as decoration

I also purchased some dried hibiscus petals and lavender. Along with lemon & orange peel powder and a small bag of tumeric. Oh and a bad of dried peppermint leaves.

I mainly am going to use this for my soap making.

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Those sound lovely. I love tumeric in soap. I get a nice golden yellow with it. Did you get lavender buds for the lavender? I use the lavender buds to make my own lavender water. You can also make rose water with the dried rose petals too. I use these for CP soap. You can also use the floral waters for misters.

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