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How does 6006 hold up at outdoor events?

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I tried a search and most of the threads were more geared toward 444 or 464, so I was wondering how 6006 holds up at outdoor events.


My farmers' market is in the evening, on the grass, under a natural canopy of trees in addition to my tent. So I'm not as worried about that.


BUT I was accepted into a really great juried event by a really popular local nomatic market. This event is a series taking place the first Sunday of each month this summer. Really exciting, right? But then I realized: I'm going to have candles, on a parking lot, from 9am-4, in the summer heat. Hmmm, maybe I was accepted because I was the only candlemaker dumb enough to apply!


I read about the styrofoam coolers and rotating candles in and out of them. Would a battery powered fan help?


Will my votives melt? (ecosoya PB, shrink wrapped)


I have 4, 8, and 16oz glass jars. All with lids. All 6006 with color, scent and UV inhibitor.


Now I'm really anxious about this event that I was previously so excited about. Am I doomed? :(


Any experiences/tips/words of wisdom greatly appreciated.

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You are not doomed. I have a throw rug got from Walmart I it like 9 by 6 I put that under my tables when I am on asphalt it provides a buffer from the heat that comes up from the asphalt. I also have a few fans running. Just enough to keep the air flowing. Hopefully your EzUp has an awning that will help. You need to keep the sun off of your candles. I have been as hot as 110 I did start to experience a lot of issues at that temp but at 105 I am good. I always try to get electricity in the summer so I can run a few fans.


A booth in the summer is doable just not always easy.


You can also make a cheap awning out of PVC pipe and the sides of you ezup. 

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A rug is a great idea! I'll add that into the mix for my next parking lot market.

I'm happy to report that my candles have been holding up beautifully. The highest temp they have been in was 91. I live in PA. So it could be worse.

I have two little battery powered fans that I got off of amazon. For as small as they are, they really seem to help.

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Well, here in Tucson in July when it is 110 degrees reported to the nation (thermometer in a white box 100 feet in the air) and 186 on the asphalt, and 125 degrees at the 5 foot elevation where most of our noses live, um....


Well, imagine an ice cream cone in a furnace.


Er, um, .... You melt hotter than that and pour hotter than that, right?


PS:  Kitty Kitty / aka Einstein, is still very active and perky at 13.  She says Hi to everyone.  She still cackles like a dolphin.

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Dear other Amanda,

I use mostly cd wicks from nature's garden. Most of the candles I sell are in 8 or 4oz jelly jars and I use cd10 as a starting point and wick up or down from there as needed (most scents like the cd10 though).

I've been happy with LX wicks from candlescience too.



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