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Pure Fragrance Oils new home for Moonworks


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Don't know if this has already been posted but Moonworks FOs are now going to be at Pure Fragrance Oils.com.  They also carry SGS (Tony's Southern Garden Scents). Just thought you would all like to know.


I use several for soaping and am thrilled I found the announcement at Pure Fragrance Oils: http://purefragranceoils.com/


Now I am going back to peruse the sight and see what they have in stock.

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Okay. I just checked and so far they are carrying:


Celestial Sea

Patchouli Raspberry

Witches Brew


Don't see any others yet but the announcement says to be patient as they are in the process of stocking them. Since they already have a few I would assume it should not be too long before they carry the others. Don't know what they will do with duplicate types. They already carry a Bay Rum so not sure if they will carry Dark Knight? But their Bay Rum is an excellent replacment.


Just an FYI I have been purchasing from them for the past year since they are already carrying SGS oils. I buy all my SGS oils there and they are cheaper than they were at SGS. So far I have been pleased with their service and the turn around time.

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Hi, Candybee.I have only tried a handful of their oils. I really love Vervaine olive blossom!!

What else should I try - if you had to recommend a few? Thanks (pure fragrance oils, not MW)

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Candybee- fragrance buddy has duped several of MW oils and are I process of duping many more- the ones I sent them and tried are dead on while burning- OOB they lack depth but it's not at all noticeable in product

Pure fragrance oils will be slow moving stocking- they tried a pre-buy and the only one that met the minimums was celestial sea

FB will carry stock at all times as they dupe

I just sent them several more along with other members

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Moonshine-- Hey! I finally read through the Moonworks thread and see you had many of MW oils duped. I checked the ones I am currently using; Dark Knight, Autumn Embers, and Gypsy Rose. I can get replacements for them all except Autumn Embers. I need a soap safe replacement as this is one of my big wholesale and market sellers.


ktaggard-- Hi! Let me get back to you on that. I use or have used several SGS oils that are now at Pure Fragrance Oils. I have 2 marktets to get ready for and doing laundry so don't have time at the moment to look them up. Be back later with some suggestions.

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If you have an ounce of autumn embers FB will gladly take it and dupe it - body safe I am not sure about you would have to ask

Adam is wanting as many MW fragrances he can get as he has a high demand for them and I have not been disappointed so far!

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I remember rhonda told what autumn embers was renamed from. Fireside or something? Let me look.

Here is what was posted when the closing announcement was made:

Autumn Embers is called Fireplace

Saffron & Spice is called Cedar & Saffron

Bay & Citrus is called Bay Leaf & Clove

Celestial Sea is called Shore Breeze

Sun & Earth is Orange Patchouli (Take NG Fresh Squeezed Oranges and add Patchouli to it)

Sea Witch is Salty Sea Air

Midsummers Night is Grapefruit Jasmine

Ancient Incense is Frankincense and Myrrh

Dark Knight is really Bay Rum

The Enchanted Spice is really called Vanilla Nutmeg

The Earthen Oak is really called French Vanilla Oak

The Patchouli FO comes from Lebermuth

Witches Brew is called Witches Brew, no licorice notes

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Thanks for checking on that Talltayl. I'm not familiar with 'Fireplace'. Who carries that? If its the same one Rhonda carrieds its soap safe.


Moonshine-- you can get it duped if you want but don't go to all the trouble on my part. I know there is a good campfire type scent out there I just have to remember who had the one with the great reviews... hmmm....


SGS actually has an excellent Bay Rum and I plan to replace Dark Knight with theirs. Although the SGS version has more of a rum note in theirs. But I use it as a mixer anyway so no biggie. I mix it 50/50 with SGS Burberry for Men or 50/50 with Green Irish Tweed or Black Irish. Yowzer! Anway Its awesome in CP soap. Its also soap safe but does discolor to a medium brown/tan.

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Guest OldGlory

I am looking for a true Patchouli, like the Patch that Moonworks used to carry. To my nose, that is as close to the real thing as you can get. I checked Pure Fragrance OIls and they only carry Patchouli Raspberry. That's not what I'm looking for - just the single Patchouli note. Does anyone know who has it now?

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