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Making a stink


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So how this ought to work is you've been experimenting with blending fragrances and just came up with something that even repels rodents (is a major stink and not in a good way.) List the combination and maybe someone will come along with an suggestion to help you make that stink smell better. 


Combo leather and chipotle salsa (which isn't that bad, but I'm by no means a leather fan unless he's tall, gorgeous built and screams sexy while wearing it) ... My ratio is approximately 2.5-3:1 since cs overrides about anything. 

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Scented... I wonder if some "mango" or "peach" or "apricot" might tame your wild beast! LOL. Sounds rather nasty. ;)


I thought I had a great fragrance blend going on while mixing equal parts Cucumber Mint and Grapefruit. Blech! It was awful. I think If I add something to the middle to offset that funky cucumber note I'll really have something special.

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Vanilla is a good tamer at dumbing down a fragrance. Patch tends to make it a little earthy. Wonder if those would help with your cucumber note. 


On the peach, mango and cherry, did cherry override the fragrances? 

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