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Questions about UV inhibitors

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Hello all! Today was my first day vending at my local farmers' market. It went really well and I had such a great time :D

I have a question about UV inhibitors. How essential is it to use one? I hadn't thought about it before today, as I had been selling at indoor craft shows and online. I'm still operating on a pretty small scale so I don't have many candles that sit around for very long. And I will be outside (under a canopy of trees as well as a pop-up tent, so a very shaded area if that makes a difference) for 4 hours a week 3:30-7:30pm.

Are the candles I have now doomed to discolor?? Should I stop making more until I order UV inhibitor? Will it affect my burn/wicking/HT?

Things that may be relevant:

I use igi6006 for containers and ecosoyaPB for votives.

I have very colorful candles.

I use 4, 8, and 16oz clear glass canning jars from Fillmore for my container candles

Thank you in advance for your advice!

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Sun isn't the only culprit for fading candles, indoor lighting can also fade them.   Your candles are still ok to sell, but I would get some UV inhibitor ASAP to prevent any in the future from fading.  UV inhibitor doesn't affect the burn that I've ever found.  Be careful where you get it, as they all are not the same and some work better than others.  I personally use the UV from www.candlemakingsupplies.net (formerly Genwax) and I've tried Candle Science with also seems to work well.  For the blues & lavender colors I use 1/2 tsp/lb. as they seem to fade faster than other colors.  Even if you don't dye your candles, they can still turn a  yellowish color without UV. 

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Haven't found it to affect the burn either. It'll help prevent fading and in some cases, color changes. Sometimes that color change might look cool, but it'll keep fading. I had a pink go cherry red and then just get ugly after that. 

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Thanks for weighing in, guys. I'm glad to hear that it's not something that would require me to adjust my formula. You all know how much work it is to find the right fragrance load and wick! Adding something else to the mix seemed scary! Lol.

I ordered some from Candlescience and will be sure to mark the candles I already have made to make sure I sell those first.

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