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Wickless pillars that you can set a battery operated tea light inside?

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I want to make some wax pillars that I can set a tea light inside the top.  Do any of you have ideas for how to make the empty well inside the top to set the tea light in?  The only thing I can come up with is to hold a greased votive holder in place there while the melted wax sets up around it in the pillar mold, but that could have me standing there quite a while! 


I'll drip some additional melted wax around the edges for some visual appeal there.

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I make these all the time.  Ususally a cheap and high temp paraffin wax.  Doesn't matter because you're not going to burn it.  I found some glass pieces at a dollar store (hundreds of them) that will take a tealight or a taper. 


I put the glass upside down in a pillar mold.  I start pouring until it is covered and starts to solidify a bit. Then pour with other colors and do the mold tilting thing, or whatnot or just make it white.


When it is cooled, I take it out of the mold and use decals on the side to spruce it up.


Folks either put a tea light in it, or a taper... but... the cavity in the glass is large enough for your battery operated LED light.



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