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Review of Westinghouse waxless warmer


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Not to worry about this thing as any kind of competition.  I got one at Target today.  The warmer was 14.99 and very pretty.  It came with a disc.  This is some kind of a vinyl perhaps filled with fragrance oil that is supposed to release scent once the light is turned on.  The light is very tiny and the disc circles this light bulb.  Five hours ago I turned this on and I am still waiting for scent.  First I put in the vanilla that came with it and nothing happened.  So then I tried the Apricot Agave I bought and two hours now for this one and nothing.  Seriously.  I can smell it if I stand directly over it and put my nose inside the warmer.  This "might" scent a tiny, tiny bathroom but I would have my doubts even about that.  It isn't rocket science, so I can't be doing anything wrong that I'm aware of.  I can see people buying this out of curiosity, but I sure wouldn't see any repeat buying of the discs and this warmer can't be used for anything else other than a pretty night light.


so Long Live the Tart!!  Yeah!!

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