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Fragrance Oils causing "fuel" smell. Solutions?

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After many tests and research, I have deduced that it is the citrus based fragrance oils which cause the "lighter fluid" and/or fuel smell when the candle is burning.


This is so unfortunate; I was wondering if anyone has ANY solution/suggestion outside of adding vanilla? 


I have also tried several different pouring temps to no avail....


Please HELP! Thank you!


( I am not making citrus scented candles, however, the base notes of the FO are citrus based.)



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yes..it is unfortunate...but all to true..citrus are some of the most difficult fo's to find that will not cause fuel smell..

i have tried about everything..but if that fuel smell is there...i have never found a way to get rid of it..

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Took me a long time to give up on many fo's because I'm a lemon lover but some just aren't worth the fuel smell.  If it's a light fuel smell it will sometimes go away by wicking down 1 size but then you

run the risk of the candle not burning properly.  If you love the scent, it's worth a try.  I now reserve those scents that just don't work out with a wick for making melts.  I've only had 1 that the fuel

smell was evident in a melt...actually evident oob on that one.

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Daystar & Bramble berry have a lemon scent that does not cause fuel smell, 

anyways in my gb 415 using cd wicks..

they both have a great HT..


daystar...iced lemon biscotii

bramble berry...clementine cupcake...

both of these have vanilla in them..but they are great smelling..

and to my nose..they smell almost exactly the same..



they remind me of Berts ...Lemon Biscotti Pie...


another great citrus..is

Elements = Citrus & Balsam....this one reminds me a lot of Berts...Aspen Forest

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Sometimes just cutting back on your amount will help, but not always.  A good straight orange FO is Juicy Bits of Orange from  www.candlemakingsupplies.net.   I've been using it for years at 3/4 oz./lb with no fuel smell.

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