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Weekly Sale Announcements


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These guidelines may be revised at any time.



  • Each Monday threads in this section will be deleted.


  • Members with Marketplace privileges may post sales going on within the (craft) community.


  • Sale announcements only


When copy/pasting the sale :

- Leave ALL information as is, do not edit the ad from the supplier (changing the language of the ad)
- Site your source (newsletter, mail, business website, etc.)

Any sale announcement outside of this section will be removed. 

Please DO NOT duplicate a sale posting.

Please DO NOT post your personal business sales.

Sale discussion threads will be removed at the end of each week. We consider Sunday the end of the week. Monday morning threads from the week before will be removed.


Suppliers may post sale announcements in this section.

Supplier may post polls in this section please make sure you poll last no longer that 2 weeks. You must notify Vicky_CO at time of poll posting.

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