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I personally love the idea of & the looks of reed diffusers but they are hit or miss, if you ask me....I have made some that throw for months and months and made others that I can't smell unless I stick my nose directly into the bottle of reeds.  I have tried making my own with DPG.  I have also ordered reed diffuser base from a few companies and & mixed my own.

Right now I have one in a small hallway bathroom that I made with Candle Cocoon "Fairy Dust & Twinkle Toes" (Grapefruit Mix) 50/50 & I can smell it at the complete opposite end of the house....YUM!  I hope it has longevity too!!

At Christmas time, Frasier Fir is my FAVORITE FO & I ordered Northstar's pre-made diffuser oil.  It is AWESOME!!  One reed diffuser smelled up the entire house!  BUT it evaporates fairly quickly.  I loved it so much, I just kept refilling it.  I ordered a few other scents of theirs and I could barely smell them.  UGH!!!! 

Here's my question....Can anyone suggest any citrus scents that you have had good luck with in the reed diffuser area?

I am really fond of lemongrass and I also LOVE berry tangerine.  Any suggestions??

Thank you!

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