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Gelato Melts-How are these made?

mystic sowles

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Oh, sure...the ones by CBV look like a creative renaming of scoopable wax.  Clever marketing.  Probably just a very soft container wax is my guess.  Someone else probably has better insight on it.  How fun is that idea? 

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I have made scoopable wax, for me it was the same issue.  Once it was melted there was little to no scent.  That to me sounds like a FO issue.  There must be a difference between the two of them.  I read a review on a blog where the person thought the scoopable was quite messy but enjoyed the gelato.  Didn't mention anything about the texture of the gelato, so it leads me to believe there must be a difference.  I just can't find anything else on it. I don't know if CBV would give me the "scoop" on it or not.

My curiousity also led me to wonder if it's just the scents being used to call it Gelato, but on CBV's website you can select any scent that is offered.  I ruled that out.  I will keep researching it and let you all know what I find.

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Well, that was quick.  I found a youtube video from CBV-difference between Gelato and SSS.  Are you ready for this--Nothing different wax wise-it's the containers they are put in. That's it!!!!  Different scoops are sold with each of them.  The SSS gives you a deeper scoop because of the type of scoop it is-a transfer type, the Gelato is a spoon scoop.  


So for us NEWBIES--here's a good example of how you can turn one product into another just by changing the

container---Simple Marketing Concept!!!!!


Now I did notice her scoopable wax is different from what the review was I read.  The YT video showed a harder wax, the review 

was a non melted wax that was pulverized/purchased a tiny pellets, that had Dye and FO added to it.  That is the type of scoopable I have, which can be quite messy.  Back to the scoopable post that Justajesuschick posted to see how others are making scoopable wax.

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