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Dying Aroma Beads ahead of time? Other Air Freshener Ideas

mystic sowles

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Hi do any of you dye your beads a head of time and add fragrance as you go along?

I have been wanting to do this but I wasn't sure if I should or not.  I have plenty of room in my basement where it's cool to store them, plus I have some nice glass jars to put them in.


Also, any other Air Freshener Ideas?  I currently do Aroma Bead Ornaments and Sachets.  I've

dabbled with foam cuts and the scent doesn't last as long on them.  I haven't tried the board type

ones yet.  Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.




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When you make your air fresheners do you do different colors for each FO?  I do different shapes for each FO but the same color.

EG:  If I'm using Cranberry Relish-red or berry colored.  Balsam- Green.  Ocean Breeze-Light Blue.  Purple-Purple Hooters. I make

7-8 shapes per color.  

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