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Yeah. I kind of got another one!

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Okay, so NOT nearly as cheap as my last find that I got from craigslist. It is EXACTLY the same as my other one. All stainless steel. I figure since these are no longer made (and have not been for a few years) I had better get another one even for use as back-up parts while I can! It looks so small in the pic but I have easily added over 30 pounds of wax to it. This one is new and sealed.

Excited to now have a back-up as I have become so accustomed to this one and my handy husband has built a nice aluminum bar for my probe thermometer to slip through.


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My first one was a DEAL! New, never used and $25 on craigslist. This second one was $110, shipping included. This one was sealed and never opened. My justification for the second one is that I took the 2 prices, averaged them and therefore they were just $67.50 each. My stainless Presto was $60 and this is much bigger.

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