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Chunk votive wax preferences?

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Ok, I just bought some 4625. Has anyone ever used it to make chunk votives? It was a toss-up between it and 1343. Just don't feel like dealing w additives at this point. Also ordered some 36-24-24-Z wicks, everything from Candle Makers Store, to be made in a polycarbonate mold. Am I on the right track?

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If it were me, for a votive I would just keep the chunks the same as the overpour. What would be your reasoning for wanting to use a higher mp for the chunks than the overpour? Are you wanting to extend the burn time of your votive? Are you thinking a higher mp of wax for the chunks would allow the chunks to keep their shape longer or not bleed together? I would be more inclined to use the higher mp chunks on larger candles. 

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