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wax blend help

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Hi everyone! I am currently started making candles in an 8.5 oz glass votive. I need some advice, currently I am only using organic soy wax, but I want to incorporate organic beeswax and palm wax into a new blend to give the candles a better throw. Do you guys have any suggestions on the ratio to incorporate beeswax, soy and palm wax to? If anyone that has had some experience with the different wax blends could you please let me know… And a little of topic has anyone used rice wax? Any help I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks Again!

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Hello Svenw,


I have been candle making for about 7 years now and use Soy (for containers) as well as palm wax (for pillars). I find that mixing soy and palm together does not really give good results at all. I have only worked with pillar palm wax so i don't know the working of container wax mixed in with soy wax.

For a pillar candle I have tried mixing 1/5 of Container Soy wax to the pillar palm wax to avoid cracking of the candle but it's still not a perfect blend.

To a container soy wax I have tried adding 1/5 of palm wax to make the candle a little harder but this is not a great blend either.

I am currently looking into mixing some rapeseed or beeswax into my container soy wax as well to make a better performing candle but have no results yet.

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