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Large Multiple wick Pillar candles

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Does anyone have experience with large multiple wick pillar candles?

I have 3-wick molds (6" diameter x 6.5" high) and use feathered Palm wax with 3 x RRD 40 wicks so far. The result is okay except that once the candle has burned half way down it starts looking really ugly, see attached photo. post-9183-139458519546_thumb.jpg

My solution to that was to only fill the molds halfway (so approx 3" high) so that once the candle starts looking ugly its nearly finished. But I am still not happy with the result, too much wax is left over and it still looks ugly.

I am going to try to add an extra wick in the center tomorrow and see if that works better. Does anyone experience this same problem or have a better solution for me? Also, I am testing a 7" diameter 4-wick candle and a 8" diameter 5-wick candle, will have to wait to see any results as it burns down. Does anyone have any advice on this for me? Is there a rule on how to place wicks in a 8" diameter pillar candle and how would you place them?

Also, if anyone could give me some advice on what I could use as a mold for this? I want it to look nice and the pillar needs to be straight. The once I am testing currently I have made in a large glass vase but the bottom isn't straight and the edges are to much rounded.

I hope to get some feedback of anyone making multiple wick giant pillar candles, preferably with palm wax (for these big pillars I am using a non crystalizing palm pillar wax as it seems to melt down a little better (smoother) around!!

Thank you so much in advance for all the help!!


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I quit making that size pillar years ago because they do waste a ton of wax and burn like crap IMHO. I tried for many years to wick that stupid size and never found a wick that gave me a good burn. I also found that the majority of people don't want a pillar that big and actually never have I had a customer ask for that size pillar. :cool2:

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Hi Chris,

Thank you for your answer. Unfortunately I do have lots of customers demanding multiple wick candles which will be great once I figure out a good formula as I can sell them for lots more doing he same amount of work ;-)

I am trying the 6" mold with 4 wicks now but only done 5 hrs on it so far so too early to see anything. I am also trying a 10" diameter candle now with 7 wicks. After the first 5 hours it looks to burn perfect but it may change…. in the next 40 hrs.

Any one else making multiple wicks or any advise for me?

Thanks! M.

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