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What to mix with anise

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So I bought this lovely bottle of anise EO to use for CP soap. I was thinking about my charcoal soap and how an anise scented black soap would be really nice.

Also, my local health food store has dried anise stars that smell heavenly. Anybody combine the herbs in either an oil or tea infusion to add to their soap?

I am also wondering what other scents mix well with anise? Looking for some recipe ideas. Thanks.

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I just tried this 2 days ago. I had a teeny tiny bit of anise left, 1/2 ounce MWs Patch, 1/2 Ounce 5X Orange EO in 1LB HP. Up to this point I've been unable to blend any scent well. This mix is awesome!!!!!!! I keep washing my hands over & over, so I can have the scent wafting around.:yay:

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I remember reading about a soap that fisherman use to fish with by cutting it up and putting a piece on the hook. Is that anise soap?

Me, I just like the smell of it and want a soap with it. Hehe!!

Lol! I like it, too. And believe you me, it is a strong soap!!

What I've read is that fisherman will wash their hands with it right before baiting. I guess the scent gets on the hook that way and fish are supposed to be attracted to it.

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