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Suppliers and abbreviations

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AAA - AAA Candle Supply


Akamuti (United Kingdom)  Look under Aromatherapy for essential oils.

Alpha Aromatics

American Soy Organics

Av-AtAppalachian Valley Natural

AAS - Aquarius Aromatherapy & Soap (British Columbia)

Arizona Soap Supply  (Carries some Mad Oils fragrances)

AH/RE - Aroma Haven/Rustic Essentials

Aromantic Ltd. (United Kingdom)

Atlantis Aromatics

Atlantic Spice Company

Aura Cacia

Aussie Candle Supplies (Australia)

Aussie Soap Supplies (Australia)

Aztec - Aztec International

Bath Body Supply

Bayousome - BayouSome Inc.

BeScented Soaping Supplies  Soap Supplies (FYI potentially a slow loading site)

Belle Aire

BCN - Bitter Creek North

BG - Bluegrass Candle Supply (Now found at Elements)

Boyer Corporation

BB - Brambleberry

Bulk Apothecary

Butterbur & Sage Ltd.

Cajun - Cajun Candles & Soap Making Supplies

Camden - Camden-Gray Essential Oils

CC - Candle Cocoon


Steve's - The Candle Maker's Store

CS - Candle Science

C&S - Candles & Supplies
Candles of the Earth (fragrance oil list)

Candle Supply Australia


Can-Canwax (Ontario, Canada)

Candle Soylutions in Oregon

Catania Spagna Corporation


Chemistry Connection

The Chemistry Store

Cibaria Soap Supply

Cierra - Cierra Candles

Clearwater Soap Works (British Columbia)

Coastal Scents

Columbus Candle Supply

Community Candle Supply (formerly Alabaster)

Connie's - Connie's Candles

The Conservatorie

Cranberry Lane (British Columbia)

Creations From Eden (Alberta, Canada)

Creekside Soaps

DPS/Morris Wax

Dandelion Botanical Company

DS - Daystar Supplies

Designcraft Industries

Duda Diesel Alternative  (Citric Acid supplier)

Eden Botanicals

Elements - Elements Bath & Body

Ellens - Ellens Essentials  (In process of moving website so link does not work)

ED - Essential Depot

EOU - The Essential Oil Company

EOU - Essential Oil University

Essential Wholesale & Labs

Escentials of Australia

Essentials By Catalina

Exotic Fragrances

FPI - FPI Sales (USA)

Fillmore - Fillmore Container

The Flaming Candle Company

FB - Fragrance Buddy

FF - Fragrance Factory

Fragrance Laboratory

FCF - French Color & Fragrance Co.

Fresholi (United Kingdom)

FNWL - From Nature With Love

Garden State Naturals

Gemlite - Soap and Candle Supply

GS - Get Suckered (Flavor oils, candy molds etc.)

Glasshouse Handmade Products (Australia)

Glenbrook Farm


Go Native (New Zealand)

Golden Barrel (Lancaster, Penn.) has oils can use for soaping

Good Hope Botanicals

GSC - The Good Scents Company

Gracefruit (United Kingdom)

Hawthorn Bay (Australia)

Heirloom Body Care (Australia)

Herbarie - The Herbarie

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ICS - Indiana Candle Supply

Indigo - Indigo Fragrance Oils

ITDF - Ingredients To Die For

IFRA - International Fragrance Association

J Edwards Int'l

The Jojoba Company

JAS - Just A Soap (United Kingdom)

JS - Just Scent

K&W Specialties (Ontario, Canada)

KB - Kangaroo Blue

Keystone - Keystone Candle & Soap Supplies

Ki Aroma (Ontario, Canada)

Koch Industries

Kudos Design Ltd.

Le Melange LLC


LIS - Let It Shine Candle Supplies

Liberty Natural Products

LS - Lone Star Candle Supply


MO - Mad Oils  

MMS - Majestic Mountain Sage

MS - Makes Scents Candles

Making Cosmetics

Maple Street Candle Company

Mass Corporation

Midwest Fragrance Company and Midwest Sea Salt Co.

MC - MillCreek

Mold Market

Mountain Rose Herbs

N-Essentials (Australia)

Nash(ville) - Nashville Wraps

National Shrink Wrap

Native American Nutritionals

NB - Nature's Bouquet

NG - Natures Garden Candles

NDA - New Directions Aromatics (USA)

NDA - New Directions Aromatics (Ontario, Canada)

NDA - New Directions Aromatics (Australia)

NDA - New Directions Aromatics (United Kingdom)

NYS - New York Scent

Nizzy's - Nizzy's Soap Moulds (Australia)

Northstar - Northstar Country Candle Co.

Northwood Candle Supply

Nurture Soap Supplies

One Planet

OT - Oregon Trails

The Original Soap Dish

Oshun (British Columbia)

Pacific Botanicals

Palm Beach Candles & Supplies

Paper Mart

Peaks - Peak Candle Supply

The Personal Formulator

PM - Pine Meadows

PV - Ponte Verde Shoppe

Pure Essential Supply

Pure Fragrance Oil (West division of Southern Garden)

Purple Citrus Canadian (London, Ontario)

Rain Shadow Labs (Private label manufacturer)


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SKS - SKS Bottle & Packaging

SB - Saffire Blue Soapmaking Supplies (Ontario, Canada)

Salt Works

San Francisco Herb Co.

SOS - Save On Scents

SP - Scent Perfique (UK)

Scented Nest

Scentsations 4 U

Sheabutter Cottage (United Kingdom)

The Simply Body Soap Net

Soap Equipment.com

SG - Soap Goods

The Soap Kitchen (United Kingdom)

Soap Making Resource

Soap Supplies

Soap Wizards


Soaper's Choice

Soapies - Soapies Supplies

Soapmakers Store (United Kingdom)

Southern Scentsations

Southwest Candle Supply

Starwest Botanicals

Stephenson Personal Care

Suds N' Stuff Inc. (British Columbia)

Swan's Candles

SC - Sweet Cakes

SEOC - Sydney Essential Oil Co. (Australia based)

Symphony Scents (used to be Scent Shack)

TKB - TKB Trading

Texas Candle Supply

Texas Natural Supply

The Candle Source

Tyler Starrville

VA Candle Supply

Voyageur Soap and Candle (British Columbia)


The Whit Meyer Company

WCT - Wick Centering Tool (Page under construction)

White Lotus Aromatics

WF - Wholesale Fragrances

WSP - Wholesale Supplies Plus

Zenith Supplies


Fragrance Finder (Domain has not been renewed)

Scent Forum

Scent Review Forum

This is an extension of what Sara started years ago with several additions, some subtractions and always room to add more. See something missing, let us know.

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