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Testing lotions for mold


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How many of you who make your own lotion bases get them tested for molds, fungus, etc....

Who does the testing?

How many batches are tested before you know you have a safe product?

Do you continue to test periodically to make sure your recipe is still safe?

If you alter the recipe at all, does this mean testing starts over again?

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I just started making my lotions, and I sent them to a lab and had them checked for mold and something else I needed to have them checked for. It cost 30.00 dollars for both test. The lady that tested them emailed me the results in about 48 hours but I didnt get the actual test papers for about 7 to 10 days. Also she said we are really suppose to test every batch but that is a little expensive for the home base businesses. She said if I use the same formula then I should be fine. She also said I might need to have them tested from time to time just to be on the safe side. IF you want I can get the information you need to have yours checked just let me know. She has a web site where you can email her.

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I have just been researching on testing Bath & Body information.

So far the testing does seem a bit pricey.

Here is a link for a home test kit.


again a bit pricey for me at this time.

However I contacted a company in my area about testing for me.

They are actually a water/ refreshement company and have a biologist/chemist that perform all their testing .

Hopefuly I can make arrangement to do business with them.

Even if I can purchase test kits from them, that would be great.

Try your yellow pages for Laboratories testing and supplies. This is where I started.

Good Luck :D


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I'm in the process of developing a lotion, but I doubt I'll have it done this year.

As I get closer to a formulation, I've sent it in for APC testing (that's the $30 one). Sagescript too, though I'm checking into having our local university do it in one of their microbiology labs. I'm planning on doing the "poor mans challenge test". A challenge test is what you're "supposed" to do when developing a formula, but that's $300-$400.

A way to emulate that is to send a new sample in for APC test. Then use a bottle for a few months and send some of that in for a test, to see if it grew anything while being used & abused. At the same time, send in more unused product to see if it grew anything during standard shelf life. That will approximate the 1 time challenge test for that formula.

And then yes, the plan is to send in a sample from every batch I make once I go into production. That's why I'll be doing large batches and few scents.

Lots of people don't test their lotions. Most people don't test their lotion bases. I never buy lotions at craft fairs. But I'm paranoid that way :wink2: I've grown too many green lotions lol.

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