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i need help!


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I'm a HHA, and I met the cutest little old lady (93) the other day. The poor thing has eczema so bad and nothing seems to help her and she cannot afoard to buy cream to help it go away. She's been given the run around by a dermatologist and my heart just hurts to see her in pain. Sooo I'm reaching out to anybody who can help me help her. I need a recipe for something , anything that can help elevitate the itching and pain she has with this problem....Thanks

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Trust me, as a sufferer for years, I recently "discovered" Shea...last week, in fact. WOW!! I look human again...no rash, no itching! I am even using it on my face...this is like sending an arachnophobic into a damp, dark cellar.

TELL HER TO STAY AWAY FROM FRAGRANCES, IT IS ONE OF THE CHIEF TRIGGERS FOR ECZEMA. No creams or powders with fragrance, and that includes any fragranced SOAP...this one is the worst! She must use unscented soaps for bathing. Olive Oil or Goat's Milk seemed to help me best, though I think Glycerine is more readily available...just get it "Fragrance Free".

My shea has essential oils in it...and I am not allergic...can you tell that I am amazed here!

I am sure that Daniedb will help. She's pretty smart, knows her stuff.

Go with it.

Wish her luck for us.

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