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Is this scale good for candlemaking?

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This scale is from Old Will Knott..It says its for candle/soap makers....Is it precise enough for weighing scents, etc?

My Weigh KD-7000 Multi-purpose Weight Scale

The KD-7000 is a fantastic postal scale or food scale.

It's also the best scale on the market for candle makers and soap makers!



Have ya' ever messed up your scale's weight display with foods, candle wax, or acids when they drip down on your display? That's not a problem anymore... if ya' own a My Weigh KD-7000. The KD-7000 has a hinged clear acrylic shield that covers the weight display. The gunk that would normally foul up your display runs onto the SHIELD... instead of your weight display! When ya' can't read the display anymore, just clean the display shield (it's easily removed), or pitch it out and stick a new one over the display (we'll have inexpensive replacement shields available on our site shortly).

Here's what ya' wanna' know about


    POUNDS: 15.450 LB
    GRAMS: 7000 G
    KILOGRAMS: 7.000 KG
    POUNDS: 0.005 LB
    GRAMS: 1 G
    KILOGRAMS: 0.001 KG

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I'll second what MA said. He is a great ebay seller and his scales are great. I have one from him that is very similar and I love it. Even though it is stainless steel on the top, I still cover it with a sheet of aluminum foil to protect it. You won't be disappointed in his scales, a lot of people from this board have bought from him.

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IMO, a digital postal scale will work almost as well as that one. As long as it can weigh in 0.1 oz increments, it will work for weighing FO.

The only big plus for the one you listed is the design & material it's made of. My $20 postal scale will weigh in the exact same increments as that one.

If I were going to spend much more than $20 on a scale, it'd have to measure in smaller increments such as 0.01 oz or 0.1 grams. But then again, that's just me, and I'm a bit cheap. *lol* I just think if they both serve the same fuction, why not go for the cheaper one?

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Just what I have been looking for and posted last week about.I will be getting one.I also thought about the postal scales.I am getting antsy as I want to start on my website.I need the weights on my products.I have everything made up.


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I also have a scale from Old Will. It works very well. I tried to get one that would work for both weighing wax, FO, etc, AND packages for shipping, so I got a 30 lb. capacity scale. Now, I will probably end up getting another scale that is more precise (.01 oz/.1 gram), because the one I have isn't too useful for lotions and soaps, where you want to be able to weight small amounts of fragrance and additives. One thing I like about the scale I bought is that you can detach the read-out when you are weighing a really big box. But you won't use that if you are only planning on weighing small items.

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The best capacity I could find at a reasonable price was 550 grams, but I'm a cheapie.

Here's one for $45. It can weigh about 32 ounces (2 lbs), and will read to .1g


And here's one for $100. It can weigh about 42 ounces and will read to .1g


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