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Emulsified Sugar Scrub Recipe


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:confused: Hello Everyone,

I've been working on sugar scrub recipes for the last several months. I've researched the internet, and found most scrub recipes that are very oily. I came upon your site today, and hoping someone can help.. I have not had much luck in finding an non oily based sugar scrub. Everything I have tried has been too oily for one of our clients. If you have a emulsified recipe you would be willing to share, please do... I could use the help..

Thanks Cami

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Unfortunately, that's what sugar scrubs are: oils and sugar. I use e-wax in mine so that the oils and the sugar don't seperate, but it's still oily. It rinses right off, and most of my customers love it. I make a shower scrub as well that is suspension shower gel and apricot seed...it's exfoliating and cleansing, but without the oiliness. That may work...? Hopefully someone can chime in that has a non-oily recipe, but as far as I know, there are none. :(

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I've got my recipe down so that it doesn't separate now-emulsified for sure, even without Ewax!! :)

I think the reason behind using the oils with the salt and/or sugars is that it's conditioning/moisturizing while it exfoliates.

I agree, if you're looking for one without oils of any kind, you could use a bath gel type base, or even a good no oily/greasy lotion base with maybe some FBB in it along with your sugars/salts.


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I have a hard time keepng my scrubs emulsified. I add the e-wax as well as emulsifying conditioner to mine, but they still seperate. I think I am giving up on them, especially since I can't sell the darn things.

In the winter they do fine, but our summers are so hot, that I think it melts the butters I use, even the harder butters like cocoa.

But yes, they are still oily.

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Here's a link to some recipes I found... I haven't tried any of them, but it may give you a good starting point to experiment on your own.


There's also this recipe which had been posted in another board.

Bohunks Scrub

Here is a recipe for a nice emulsified scrub that is not leaky or oily, it's more solid but when you rub it on it melts and when you rinse it leaves a layer of lotion on your skin. It's very nice! I suppose you could tweak it and add a bit of liquid soap to it to make an all in one product, but I don't know how that would affect the emulsion.

Posted on another board.

Makes 10 oz

1 oz ewax (10%)

.8 oz stearic (8%)

3.5 oz soybean oil (or 65% liquid oils)

3 oz coconut oil

.7 oz shea (or 14% solid oils)

.7 oz cocoa butter

.2 oz FO (2%)

.1 oz Phenonip (1%)

Melt everything but FO and Phenonip together. Add FO and Phenonip, then stir in as much brown sugar or white sugar as you would like. It will thicken as it cools so keep that in mind. I usually add about a cup or cup and a half, mixture of white and brown. I've never tried it with salt because I don't like salt scrubs, but give it a shot and see how it works! Pack into a widemouth jar. Scrub will solidify when it is completely cool.

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I started making Bohunk's sugar scrub about 2 years ago. It is fabulous. Along the way, I have tweaked the recipe and love it even more. Here is what I do:

10% ewax

8% stearic acid

1% cetyl alcohol

22% olive oil

8% castor oil

16% AKO

18% macadamia nut oil

8% mango butter

6 % shea butter

2% FO

1% phenonip

I melt, the ewax, stearic, cetyl, mango and shea butters. I then add the rest of the oils. If I remember I have placed my mixing bowl and whip in the freezer for about an hour beforehand. I whip on 4 for about 5 minutes. I then place it in the freezer for about 5-7 minutes and whip again for 5 minutes. I then decide if it needs to go back in the freezer again or just continue to whip. I whip it until it gets nice and cool and very cool whip looking. It will start to increase in volume, but I don't let it get too much air in it or it will deflate later. Once cooled and creamy looking, I add my preservative and FO's and whip again. Lastly I add turbano sugar. For every 10 oz I am making, I add 3/4-1 cup of sugar. I have used regular white sugar too, but much prefer the turbano. I then package it in 2 oz white double wall jars. It is just awesome stuff.


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I add a little shea to mine, too - so yes, I have to add heat. I didn't before either, just the sugar and the oils.

Now, I heat the shea, ewax and oils and allow to cool to about 100, then add the sugar. It's a few more steps, but I LOVE it, I didn't think I would care enough to add the extra trouble, but it's worth it.

Kimberly, I bet yours is great. That's a really good idea to experiment with the harder oils - I think I'll go back to the lab. :tiptoe:

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