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New here need some help with supplies

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I posted on the general board and the suggestion was made that I come and post some of my questions here.

I originally came to this board because I was interested in making my own tarts but as I got into reading the board, I started to think I might want to make my own candles for decorating and for gifts.

The wax choices are incredible. I think I would like to use either soy or a soy blend for my candles/tarts. There are no suppliers in my area (San Diego, CA) but there are a couple of places nearby (within 2-3 hour drive) that perhaps if I get into it enough, I might drive that distance to fill up on supplies but I am not there since I am starting out and have no idea about waxes, wicks, etc.

So, if there is anyone in Southern California who makes soy candles, would you mind sharing where you get your wax? Someone posted that there may be places outside the state that may charge less for the wax but more for shipping.

Could you also make some suggestions for waxes to begin with that are perhaps easy to use, don't need extra additives other than FO and dye.

I am interested in tarts (so I think I need a votive blend) and containers (smaller jelly jars...4-8oz). The melting points are a bit overwhelming as I see that some container waxes melt at 115 (which seems really low for me) but go as high as the low 130s. What is the desirable melting point for the tart wax? Does the melting point affect the throw at all?

I haven't purchased anything yet, but was thinking on checking a couple of local restaurant supplys for the pouring pots, thermometer, perhaps some shaped ice cube trays to start with.

I already have quite a list of FO's that I am interested in buying but I want to tackle this wax thing first.

Thanks for your time!

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