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Need help - Purple Scents?


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A good friend of mine is getting married next year and for her bridal shower she wants some votives as favors. She wants them to be purple, so I am trying to come up with some "purple" scents for her to try. Any suggestions would be great (oh, and she hates lavender, so that's out). I will be getting samples of about 5-10 FOs, make some votives and let her choose what she likes. So far, I have come up with:

Blackberry Freesia


Verbena Berry

Berrie Buttercream

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Hyacinth Chula Orchid from Just Scent -

I make my various raspberry candles sort of a pinkish-purple (Vanilla-Raspberry/Raspberry Zinger). I think technically it's called "Orchid"

I also get "Clean" from NG and have decided a light purple seems to fit.

Purple is my fav. color but I haven't come up with a whole lot of fragrances that smell "purple." I'm not a fan of lavender, either!


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My picks ... and I'm thinking on this lol cuz we try to have some colored stuff out there too:

Freesia (could go a pale a purple)

Blackberry musk (think it's BnL)


Lavender (If she doesn't like it, try it with some vanilla and maybe some jasmine in there)

Alyssum (NG)

Black orchid (perfumy floral with powder ... check description at Tonys)



Hydrangea (if you can find a good one)


Japanese Plum (might be more white and pink though, but a light purple might work)

Love Spell could work in purple

Moonlight Path maybe


I was going to suggest carnation till I saw the meaning of purple carnations Carnation, Purple -- Antipathy and Capriciousness

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Wow! Thanks for all the suggestions. I'll be looking for samples of some of these in the classy's, so keep an eye out if you like. :wink2:

I have Hyacinth Chula Orchid and never thought to make that one purple, so that's going on the list. I would also like to try Lilac, Passionate Purple, Satin Sheets, Alyssum, Tulip Bouquet (who sells this?). I really appreciate the suggestions. Thanks!

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I love the Hydrangea Yankee dupe from Royal aromatics. I do this one like a periwinkle purple.

Other ones:

Raspberry creme

Mediteranean Fig



I know you have many to try already but I still wanted to add to the list:D

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I think that there are many FOs that could be purple ( or any other color you want )......like WYW Goddess for instance.....it would be just fine in my opinion if that is what she wants.

Same with the "Angel" FOs....and there are hundreds of Angel EVERYTHING! Angel Kisses, Angel Hearts etc etc. You would probably not typically scent these purple, but they would be fine. Go with a blend instead of a single note fragrance than color it any color you want. JMO

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