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wooden wicks???

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They are cool, They do make the sound.

They even burn well enough. Looks like a thin wooden toungue depressor in them only dark.

They snap and crackle just like they say.

They were the new thing at market in the fall and I checked them out. A lady down from me sells OV and she says they burn great and sell okay. People just don't trust them.

(neither do I)

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Can someone provide al link to a picture of the wooden wicks?


Here's a different candle with the same idea.


I wonder if the wooden wicks are manufactured for the purpose or if there's something we can buy that would work. It might be interesting to experiment with this concept.

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As a candle buyer, I'd be very cautious about buying them. I saw them on the website and I just don't like them at all. First, they look ugly in those jars. Second, I really don't want to listen to snap crackle and pop. That's what I have a fireplace for. Third, this sounds dangerous but I have never seen, smelled, nor tried them so I may be wrong. Just my opinion.

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By the looks of it, several places have a "patent pending" on those. Wonder who's gonna be the lucky patent holder? :tongue2:

I admit, they seem pretty cool. I could see a custome base for those. The ones who don't have a fireplace; or for use in the months where you just don't use the fireplace and miss the sounds.

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At first I thought...what a joke...But U know the more U think about it and how cool they could look....and if they burn good! Holy cow!! I don't have a fire place I miss the sounds..I would love it in my house...

I have done a ton of searching so far...have not found them yet....

I dout I will but well..Ya never know...

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it is an intresting idea...it would take alot of testing...but would be very natural if it worked....

I really like the jar that the candles with the wooden wick are in. Two sizes. Nice interesting shape. Have any of you seen this jar available or is it something that OVC has exclusively? It looks like Scentsational is distributing them for OVC.

It seems to me like there is very little that has hit the market that is "new" to the candle industry in a long time...and when it does, it is usually a hit if it works. My bet is they work just fine and will sell like hotcakes for awhile. I would definitely give them a shot...just because they are different. ( Not necessarily because I care about the snap, crackle, pop....without hearing them...they could get annoying. ) Who knows, they maybe on to something. Can't say as I am 100% thrilled about any wick we have available to us now..so why not?

Doesn't seem like they are capitalizing on their hot new item. About a buck an oz. Same $$

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