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Stir with what?

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:undecided I use a stainless steel spoon and clean it before each batch. I used to use a wooden spoon, but thought scents like cinnamon would effect the other batches. I do stir my wax a lot as the consistency changes before I pour. I Have not noticed any problems yet.

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I dont use soy wax, but I currently use a stainless steel serving spoon I got from Target to mix my FO in. I actually have one for each pour-pot I have and they are only used fro candle-making (never for food).

I have also used wooden spoons and they worked just as well. Never carried scent over either.

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I use a small paint stir stick. Wal Mart sells them in the craft section, then I just write the scent on the handle. No mixing of others, just for that fragrance and color.

I would think after a couple of batches the wood would soak up as much as it could and that would be it.



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