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Allergy to Casein...what about body products?


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Do anyone have any experiance with this?

We just found out two of our three boys can not have casein (milk products) OR (yeah get this) SOY so that leaves us with Goats Milk.

How hard is this going to be to change over ALL my products to casein and gluten free?

Or would it be better to make ANOTHER line that meets these needs?

I love to use milk bath and such in the kids bath but well powdered milk is a no no and i was also told gluten is in baking powder?

If any can help that would be great! lol My brain is being taken over on just changing the diets, its going to be spinning with the b&b products!!



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I can understand being overwhelmed right now with switching your families diet's over but there is a market out there for others with the same allergies - I would keep that in mind as you are playin' with products for your family.

Don't know if this is possible but as for the milk bath for the children - why not used canned goat's milk and make a sort of liquid milk bath for them. Keeping in mind to make little batches at one time

Just did a quick search and came up with these couple of sites for powdered goats milk - there are more



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Yeah, that is what I'm thinking of doing at first as I learn more... Really thinking I'd like to do a whole line in it since I know there are many out there just like these little guys. Athought it is probably way down the road, but its a thought. I've just got to do some looking to make sure being AROUND or having it in the air or what ever wont effect them.

Thanks for the links-checking them out now.


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