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Testing in open concept houses!

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Does anyone have a wide open house? How do you test? Do you seclude the candle/tart in a room? I find it hard because our house is open but it also has a vaulted ceiling in the main room (I burn in the kitchen which is not attached to this vaulted room) but the scent never stays down here! It always goes upstairs! :undecided. I mean, I can smell it down here but it just is super concentrated up there!

It's a pretty big house. I wonder if I would be better off testing in my bedroom ? (it's a pretty good size). I do have a plug in up there and put Amish harvest on and I could smell it coming down the stairs. I know that scent/wax mix is a winner. It's so strong!

Or do I just go by what my testers are saying? It's so tough because everyone has a different view of what is a good throw! I would say my Amish harvest is strong 5/5, but have heard other people say 3 (but then go on to say it filled the whole house for days! :rolleyes2) ...I don't think I would want to know what a 5 would be for them! :o

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I have a house just like what you have described. Ours is ranch style, all on one level. Living room, kitchen, dining room are one big room. Bedrooms and bathrooms are off on each side of the big room (how is that for a description?).

Even though I just make for me, I test a few ways.

I use 2 types of warmers (I cannot comment on candles). Lightbulb and plate style. Each scent has to pass each type of warmer. The plate type gets really hot and the lightbulb style is slower to warm and HT is not as strong as the plate, but the scent lasts longer. Tealight would be yet another option. I do not use them but from what I have read, they may behave similarly as plate warmers.

If you are having your testers use melts, I'd document who is using what style warmer. I would typically rate a scent in my bulb warmers as not as strong as plate and that may be coming into play with your testers.

I test in the big room and also in a more enclosed room. In my case, a big bathroom. I have capability to shut the door, open the door, etc. All come into play when testing.

I use paraffin so I also test a day or two after making and again in a week.

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In the past 5 years, I've lived in three houses.

1. 3500 sq ft , distinctly divided rooms, 2 story

2. 1000 sq ft open concept 20 ft vaulted ceilings

3. 1400 sq ft open concept in living/dining/den/kitchen 9 ft ceilings

I've tested in all three, and gotten pretty much the same results. House 1 had to have a HT that went through the entire downstairs, 2 I wanted to see how the high ceilings did and this one, 3, it has to cover the entire house ( at least be able to smell it slightly when in the back bedroom and the tester ( a one cube melt .. .5 ounces ) is up front.

BUT , after getting those results, I relied heavily on my human testers because all of their houses were different, and they had different things going on. Some didn't cook, Some cooked 3 times a day, some had pets and some didn't, some did power burns, others just let it melt and scent the room then turned it off to see how long the scent lingered.. etc.

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Same problem here. Open floor plan with 20 foot high ceilings. Our hot throw always goes up and it I turn on the ceiling fans I will smell it otherwise only if you walk by. We never test in the main part of the house anymore for this reason. We use a 16x20 family room at the farthest end of the room and if it throws well in there we are happy. I am talking about jar candles only.

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