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Final list for christmas 2012


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The Christmas Tree Farm account forced me to make the list and I sure hope this works out.

Spiced Cranberry

Santa's Sugar Cookies

Polar Express

Holly Jolly Christmas

Perfect Pumpkin

Vanilla Bean Noel

Apple Jack and Peel

Creme Brulee

Caramelized Pralines

Bear Claws

Pumpkin Brulee

Sugared Spruce

Cafe Vienna

Christmas Past



Chocolate Truffle

Pineapple Brulee

Hansel and Gretel's House

Christmas Kitchen

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The Cafe Vienna comes from ICS and I mix ky Pineapple with ky Brulee (50/50 if you like a lot of pineapple), the Apple Jack Peel is pretty much apples and spice and I'm lucky to sell that, cause apple is not a big seller for me. Babs, there are some ah/re, ics (bear claws), southern soapers, bcn, tcs, and mw (santa's cookies is sugar cookie royale). I have put my name on tcs list for three fos and pray that they come through (especially Hansel Gretel) and hopefully, the heavy evergreen will be successful this season. I have a ton of fos from past Christmas seasons that didn't move and so every now and then pull them out to see if maybe this time, lol. Thanks for all your responses and encouragement. Here's to a great season.


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