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mixing soy and paraffin for tarts


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I have some c-3 soy wax and want to make tarts with it but want to add enough paraffin to keep the tarts from turning white after a few months. What would be a good paraffin to mix with the c 3. I love soy tarts but they look awful after a few months. Thought I would try a parasoy mix. Could some one tell me a good parasoy mix to use I rather have more soy than paraffin. TIA

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I have excellent results doing a 50/50. I have tarts I made a year ago that still look perfect. Perhaps you get by with 70% soy.

ETA: C-3 is a container blend so I would do a 50/50 blend with a paraffin pillar or votive wax. I think a 70% container wax will make for tarts that are a tad too soft.

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