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Is this safe?


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Hello Everyone! I tried making candles a few years back but I really prefer to enjoy other candle makers' candles.

My question is this. I purchased several jelly jar candles from a maker that uses a parrafin & soy wax blend. Some of the candles that I've received had FO seeping out of the top. The first time I lit a candle like this my candle looked like I was making cherries jubilee (the whole thing, including the wax itself, became engrossed in a large flame). The second time I wiped off the excess wax and it was fine. My concern is the safey of the candle. Even after I wipe off the excess wax, is it safe to burn? If I turn it into a tart, is it safe to burn? In addition, another candle looked like there was a large amount of FO on the bottom of the jar. Is this safe?

I thank you in advance for your replies! Happy New Year!

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