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Decided to More Testing Results


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I decided to do a bunch of testing with wax scent for my tarts. I am going to post my findings here Maybe it will help others who are having problems like me.

Test 1. Wax 50/50 soy parafin mix from just scent 8ozs. .5 oz scent and 3 drops of dye. I melted wax to 170 then added my scent. I poured at 140 This wax had a great CT in my clamshells. I broke off one square and placed in my warmer. HT was good at first but after 5 hours of burning the scent is getting very weak. I used Pumpkin Spice from peaks. That scent has allways been good for me. So not to happy with how long the scent lasted.

Test 2 I am tring something new I am doing half PB and Half of my 50/50 wax. I used .5 ozs of scent again and 3 drops of dye. I melted to 180 cooled to 170 added scent and dye and poured at 140 also I am going to let these sit a few days because there is more soy in them than parafin. I will post burn results after I try them.

Another note Both sets of tarts had a nice color and shine to them. I really liked it

I am allways looking for the longest and best scent throw I can get out of a tart. If none of these work Then I am going to try some container wax with a mix of pillar wax. I am not stopping until I get as close to a perfect tart as I can get LOL :cheesy2:

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