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odd pillar projects


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Here are some pillars I've done, but did not post pics yet. This was my earlier power tool phase where I attempted to create what I called "assembled" candles.

The stairstep one is scented Peak's Lilac, the spiral one is Peak's Cucumber Melon, and the other one is plain chunky with an embed from my daughter's wedding announcement.


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Cool... Can you let us know how you did them???

Yes I can, but then I'd have to kill you :laugh2:

But really...the starting point is making the wax ring. I start out with a cookie sheet and several aluminum molds, color and pour the wax in the pan, and set the molds in upside down, cool and remove to reveal wax disks. The disks can be then scraped with a flat edged wallpaper scraper to make them smooth and evenly thick, and then drill out the center with a hole saw drill bit. Then you have a wax ring. The rings then can be broken into quarters or eights, refitted into the molds and heat gunned to stick 'em together. Additional wax can then be heated and poured down the center hole to fill it in.

The big trick for the checkered one is to trim the pieces so they fit very tight together in the mold, so when it gets the heat gun the mating surfaces fill in a bit and stick the pieces together.

I used a 2 1/4" drill bit hole saw, coping saw, 4" wall scraper (with a sharp edge), and a single edge razor blade (cue hands on hips, making the monkey sound like Tim Allen on Home Improvement) :grin2:

When I actually do make the checkered flag candle, I'll take pictures and post instructions on a thread.

Please excuse me now, it's time to watch the Colts game!

your geek

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