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What supplier has best authentic-looking vintage zinc-type lids for Ball pint mason?

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Oh, okay, I'm getting better search results by using the word "rustic." I still haven't found the exact ones I like. I must say that C&S sure has some cute containers, lids, and decorations!

Found it! Kind of pricey, though. http://www.candlesoylutions.com/closeup.asp?cid=13&pid=752&offset=0

I see Fillmore's got a good selection of Olde Tyme lids too, at a much lower price, but their pewter one looks kind of dark. Maybe it's just the photo making it look so dark.

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don't know if these are what you are thinking of, but they seem much cheaper here -


i have ordered the black ones from them in the past - hth-kris

Oh, yes! Thank you so much! That's exactly what I'm looking for and the price is much better! :yay:

Is it good to use a pulp liner with those lids? Would they change or absorb the CT?

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