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Found 9 results

  1. Hello All! I have been lurking and reading posts for over a year but this is my first time posting. I have been making clamshells with GB 444 with a FL of 10-11% consistently. I am melting wax to 185 and maintaining heat between 183-185 while adding coloring and stir until thoroughly mixed (about 2-3 minutes). I then remove from heat and add FO at 180, followed by 2-3 minutes of continuous stirring. I pour at 110-113, stirring briefly before pouring. I have excellent CT but HT is not much to brag about amongst most of the FOs. I am having this prob
  2. I have been using EcoSoya CB Advanced with pretty good results, and have been waiting to hear about the reformulation.
  3. I have just started making candles this year and was very frustrated so I put that aside to make tarts, thinking they would be easier. However, I am not getting a good scent throw. I use Ecosoya PB Pillar Soy Wax. I used .25 oz scent to 4 oz wax. I added the dye and scent at about 180-185 degrees. Can anyone give me any suggestions on making these scents stronger? I've been using Nature's Garden scents such as "Twilight in the Woods," "Bedtime Bath," "Rosemary Mint." and "Spring Rain."
  4. I'm moving to Arizona next year and I make wax melts. I currently use EcoSoya CB-135 (at least until my supply runs out), but I'm thinking I'm going to have to go for a wax with a higher melt point once I move. Does anyone else out here in the Southwest have recommendations for soy that doesn't turn into goo too fast in the hot weather?
  5. I ordered a 5 # sample bag of KY Para Soy for Tart + Votive wax. The directions on the bag say to heat to approx 165 + add FO - stir for 2 min and pour at 150-155 It says wax can hold 1-1.5 oz pp of wax. My question is Ive never added FO at that temp - always at around 180 + those with vanilla about 183 . Ive always been told by CS Peak etc that the wax needs to be around this temp in order for the FO to bind. I emailed RE to ask about this, the response was they've always followed the directions of the wax + said it might be dangerous to add FO that high temp due to flashpo
  6. Where's a good place to purchase diffuser bottles? Right now, the only bottles I have are the clear Boston rounds, 4 oz.
  7. So i just now am testing a wax melt that i made with ICS - zuchinni bread FO i added a bit of CS banana nut bread .... OMG it smells amazing - if you like that type of scent, of course. Another one that is really good that I've tried is peach cobbler - I can't get over how realistic they are ! I tried orange chiffon cake but not a fan. the wild berry mouse is awesome though as is the pink sugar - sugar cookie dough - sugared shortbread - pink sugar needs a long cure 2-3 weeks + is WAY better in soy than parasoy - IMO Also, i was browsing old posts looking for a good vanilla be
  8. So does anyone feel that food scents - cookie etc smell better in soy rather than in parasoy or paraffin - for Wax melts or candles Im asking because i once read somewhere that they do better in soy ? Any opinions Off topic : its going down in the 20s tonight here in MI .... BOOOOO !!!! Cant wait for summer !
  9. Has this question been asked recently? If so, could someone please direct me to it? If not, could you list 4 or 5 of your favorite TART vendors? Thanks. Frank
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