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  1. Hi all, I'm new to making wax melts and have even sold a few -yay me 😀. I've used both 464 and 494 and so far haven't seen much of a difference. The 464 is easier to work with and sets up nicer and after trying a blind scent test, I'm not sure if I can tell a difference in the hot or cold throw. Do any of you have any opinions? I use about 1 oz per pound of FO and have gotten good reviews from customers on the melts I made with 464. Thanks! Karen
  2. I have exhausted myself reading through dozens of topics on here... and I was all ready to hop on the FO wagon when I came across people discussing the health issues (asthma, headaches...etc.) they experienced when breathing in FO's for hours everyday. The solution was to wear a respirator. Now... I'd be willing to do that and possibly get an air purifier down the road if that's what needs to be done... but if EO's can work, then I think I'd rather attempt that just for mine and my family's own sake. I'd be doing these candles in a very small apartment with no real way to vent the air. My husband and I have both developed seasonal allergies the last couple of years and our cat seems to have her own set of allergies as she often has sneezing fits. So, I guess my questions are: Have you had any luck getting EO's to work in candles (I'm wanting to use coconut/beeswax) Would EO's work better in something like tarts?? How well do they work in soaps & bath bombs? I really love some of the scents in FO's... but I'm a lot more weary now after having read through some of the posts on here. I even took it one step further and read through some of the MSDS on some oils... one of them said "may cause cancer". I realize most anything can cause cancer these days it feels like but when you've known people who have had cancer ... it really makes you question things like this. Especially when I'd be surrounded by these oils all day and not just a few hours at a time while burning here and there. I was also a bit concerned about the issues FO's present when they end up in the water system and in the MSDS, it says to keep it out of the drains. So... how do you clean your materials when you're done?? Or do they mostly mean just in large quantities? Anyway... what are your thoughts??
  3. I am looking for the best smelling graham cracker fragrance oil.What have you tried?I am making wax melts.Thanks!
  4. So, I started making wax. Not candles, tarts. Here's how I started. First experiment was 464 soy from NG with additive. All fragrance oils I've used so far for EVERYTHING Ive made is Natures Garden or Just Scent. Heated up the soy 464 to 185. added the FO ad 180 or 175 for most, or lower if the flashpoint was lower. 12% to everything since over read you want to add about 1.5 to 2 ounces per pound, which ends up being about 12 percent. I try melting it a week later after it cures. It takes about 8 ounces of it, placed in the 5 burners I have to even FAINTLY smell it. You have to stand directly over the warmers to smell it. So like everyone else, I researched. Then I found NG pillar of bliss. that like you all know has paraffin and the soy mixed. Heated the paraffin up to 185, and then also added the FO at 185. Heated up the paraffin to 185, and then let the temp drop to 175, before adding FO. I made a batch with 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12% FO. all heating up to 185 and adding FO at 175. THEN I made a batch with 50% of the 464 NG Soy with 50% of the NG Pillar of bliss. Once again, made 5 batches with 8,9,10,11, and 12 percent, heating to 185, and adding FO at 170. no good no good no good NO GOOD. Next wax, Just Scent Pillar of votive. Heated to 185 and added oils at 175. just made a 8% 10% and 12% currently curing, but I've been smelling the 3 and not having a good feeling. Final test. Back to the NG Pillar of Bliss by itself, but heating up to 195, and now adding the FO at 185 (like it says) I did the 6.25% (which is basically the 1 ounce to 1 pound ratio on a much smaller scale) and then 8% 10% and 12% currently curing, but not having the best feeling. heres been my melting process, that IDK is approved by the wax forum lords of this world, and may be my problem. If Ive been making a larger scale wax, I use a pouring pot, and let it sit in a pot of water on medium heat on the stove until it reaches temp. once it does I take it off the heat, and start letting it cool and add my FO once it reaches certain flash points, and pour after stirring for 2 minutes of adding the oil. no matter the temp. If its a smaller scale of wax (which it usually is) I put the wax in a glass measuring cup, and put it into the pot of hot water and baby sit it till it reaches temp, It usually climbs to 185 fairly quick ( about 5 min or less) but if I'm heating it up to 195 it usually takes over 10 minutes and sits around 190-193 forever before reaching 195, and i think that could be the downfalls of the paraffin experiment. If Im making the small quantities in the pouring pot, it reaches 195 real quick, but then as soon as i take it off the heat, the temp rapidly starts dropping, and by the time it starts reaching 185 i literally have a 2 second window to put in my fragrance, if i leave it off the heat the wax will literally drop from 195 to 150 in the matter of 45 seconds; its insane. I can't even stir it for my 2 to 3 minutes. I try to stir it with the pot halfway in the water for a couple minutes, and then turn around and pour it. even from the 5 second of removing from heat to pouring in molds, it already starts to harden around the top of the pouring pot, and I think that maybe that whole process is hopeless. Masters, veterans. Women. My female Lords of this. I am a 25 year old dude that wants to impress the lady, and potentially others with this simple, yet amazing creation that one calls wax tarts. Please, If you have read this much, I thank you. I virtually kiss your eye balls for reading my pain. But someone please end this pain. Please end my long internet forum readings. My crazy ass formulas and methods. My typical 25 year old male mind of overthinking something so simple. Give me the answer. give me the gold. give me your SECRET. If you dont want to post your secret formula on a website, thats cool. Could ya message it to me? could you give me something else to try that could give me some hope? some shining light at the end of the infinite dark tunnel? I Love you all.
  5. Sorry another newbie question- when curing tarts, should they be left in the open or sealed up during cure time?
  6. I have been using EcoSoya CB Advanced with pretty good results, and have been waiting to hear about the reformulation.
  7. I've been using Pillar of Bliss for my tarts, but I'm not happy with the hot throw, it doesn't seem consistent (I know it can vary with FO) or to last very long. I've tried other vendor wax & it seems to be so much better. I recently tried blending a small percentage of 6006 with the PoB to see if it made a difference. It does make the wax easier to cut which is nice, but so far that's all I've noticed. I know experimenting is all a part of it, but I hate feeling like I'm wasting so much product. Thanks for any help.
  8. Just wondering which throws a better scent? parasoy, soy, or paraffin. (In your experience.) I've heard paraffin throws best but I'm not sure if they mean with vybar or without. Thanks!
  9. Hello, I'm new to making candle making but I started trying to make wax melts. I'm currently using Para-Soy and wanted to increase my scent throw wasn't sure if anyone knew if I could use Vybar in it at all or what it would do? Or does anyone have any tips or recipes for great scent throw? Thanks!
  10. I have just started making candles this year and was very frustrated so I put that aside to make tarts, thinking they would be easier. However, I am not getting a good scent throw. I use Ecosoya PB Pillar Soy Wax. I used .25 oz scent to 4 oz wax. I added the dye and scent at about 180-185 degrees. Can anyone give me any suggestions on making these scents stronger? I've been using Nature's Garden scents such as "Twilight in the Woods," "Bedtime Bath," "Rosemary Mint." and "Spring Rain."
  11. Hi, I just started making my own melts. I wanted to stick with beeswax because of the benefits give off when burning. I started mixing with various things to soften and help it melt quicker in the melter coconut oil, a natural Crisco type shortening. But it's not holding my FO. I did a 50/50 soy wax and beeswax and that seemed to hold a bit better. Granted they have only cured 2 days to a week. I upped my FO to 1.5 oz it made a little difference and I even added vybar 1/2 tsp to 16 oz of wax. Idk what I'm doing wrong. Does anyone know how long to cure beeswax? Is it possible I'm heating the wax to high? I left it go to 200 degree and than drop it to about 155-165 for FO and than pour. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Ive never ordered anything from them and @pcbrook got me curious on their room spray base . While I'm at it I thought I might order some oils as well. Anyone ordered from there. I hate that theres no descriptions at all, I don't understand that. I was looking at Lemon Cupcake - Blackberry Jam - Oatmeal Cookie. Anyone have any favorites from them ? They also have a big selection of oils on Special that are 9.99 LB. Im not sure if that means they're not good movers or that they just got a great deal on those oils ? Pcbrook have you been happy with their base, do you recall what the FO load is, it doesn't tell me anything on the description
  13. I missed the recent RE sale and a few sound interesting. Did anyone order any of them ? Can you please share your opinions I need to place an order and wanted to add some of the new ones but unsure which ones to get larger bottles of.
  14. I've been playing around with making soy tarts over the past few weeks and would like to try selling a few this weekend at a festival I'll be attending. I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions on the best packaging to use for these, specifically if I want to sell them individually and/or in sets of 4-6 tarts. Bonus points if the packaging you recommend is available via Amazon Prime Thanks so much! Liz
  15. What are the top wax blends for melts? I know this question could have so many answers and it can be different results for each person but I'm kinda looking for a place to begin...I love soy and the look of it so I would rather use a parasoy blend...tried a all soy blend with terrible results unfortunately :/ Pretty bummed about it. Does anyone use vybar? Will that help my results with a all soy blend or parasoy blend..
  16. Has this been asked? What are the Yankxxx easy melt cups made of? Anyone know where to buy unfilled?
  17. Hi all I have been a long time reader on this forum and have learnt alot in the past few years from everyone so thankyou. For the first time ever i have not been able to find an answer to my question from old topics, so here is my question. I love making melts/tarts in portion cups but packaging is harder to come by in Australia, I found a company that sells the cups in PP plastic but the lids that come with are P.E.T, so I am wondering do the lids also have to be PP plastic or is P.E.T ok for the lid? Any comments would be greatly appreciated!
  18. Hi guys, I am venturing to make tarts or melts very soon. I bought IGI 4625 Pillar Blend from CS and I was wondering what is the norm FO% that I should use with this wax? Thanks guys
  19. YAMS

    Melts vs. Tarts

    Please pardon the ignorant question but I am new to candles and sort... What is the difference between melts and tarts? I go online and see the pictures look the same?
  20. I am a bit frustrated. I decided to use my left over wax from candles (4627) and use as melts. I bought a few wax warmers.. I bought the electric ones with a light bulb in them. I also bought the ones with a light bulb that go as plug ins on wall outlets. I bought them from Target . I don't get almost no HT. I love the fact that I don't have to use a tealight but they basically just look cute. I believe the wall plugs use a 5 w bulb and the large counter top ones use a 25 w bulb. The only warmer that works is an old one that I had bought from Bath and Body Works years ago. Is a ceramic one that uses tealight, great HT. BTW I am using one of my best performers, CS Mac Apple. Can you tell me what warmers work for you? Specially if you have found the electric ones that do work well? I am not so worried about the price I just need them to work. Thanks guys
  21. I am getting ready to start making melts using 4625. Do you follow the same guideline for this wax as far as the % of FO you that should be used as you do for your soy or paraffin blends? I normally use 4726 for my candles. Thanks guys.
  22. YAMS

    Tart Wax

    I decided to give tarts a try since it seems I am already making candles and tarts seem much easier than candles. I use IGI 4627 for my candles. Would you use this wax to make tarts also? What wax do you recommend for tarts and melts? I purchase my wax from Candle Science so I would prefer to stick to buying from there to save on shipping since I order a lot from them. Thanks guys
  23. I made a test batch of some wax melts and I am in love ! I decided to try some of the Eco Pillar blend mixed with some beeswax I had forgotten about. I resisted the temptation of putting in some paraffin + the FO i used was Backwoods Lemon Creampuff - OMG it smells absolutely delicious. Ill test them in my burner in about a week + repost what I think about the HT. I read somewhere that adding beeswax to a blend helps tremendously, so we shall see. On a side note the beeswax pellets was a sample bad from WSP and the weight on the bag read 2 oz - well, when I added it to my pot thats not what my scale read. It weighed 1.1 oz - thats 50% less that the advertised weight . Am I doing something wrong. It didn't cost much but geez I feel jipped. To me it looks as the weight included the bag - I didn't think that was allowed ??? Anyways, Im hoping for a great HT - just love the scent of this oil + in the wax. Its somewhat similar to Fillmore Lemon Biscotti but sorta different. I also got the Pumpkin Cornbread - its just not me but it is a nice FO so I'll probably put that up for sale - I have 8 ounces of it. I wish I bought a pound of the Lemon Creampuff instead of 2 8 oz bottles of Honeyed Gingerbread + the cornbread I also tested WSP Frasier Fir in a room spray .... so, so good + lasted for quite a bit of time once sprayed in the room. I used WSP spray base but Im going to try the room spray base from Elements since Ill be placing an order for their Citrus Balsam.
  24. YAMS

    Tart burners

    What do you recommend for tart burners? I am trying not to spend too much money and buy a few to text FOs around the house?
  25. Do you find that NG's FOs are as strong as other supplier's FOs in wax tarts? Or do you find they're all about the same?
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