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Found 3 results

  1. trite but true i need help finding a soap base to suite my needs... i will list them needs as: THIS WILL BE LYE FREE SEA BUTTER ORGANIC IN LARGE QUANTITIES FARE TRADE IF CAN BE NO MILK OR OAT WOULD BE NICE IF IT HAD COCONUT OLIVE OIL TOO now let's see what you can come up with. BLESS YOU ALL BROTHERS AND SISTERS
  2. So I had this brain storm idea that Id make lotion bars for some gifts for my sons school . I used a recipe from a book called Beeswax Alchemy and I don't know it seems a bit soft + greasy. Can someone please take a look at the recipe and tell me what you think, please. Im not good at converting % to weight, ok, I suck at it lol ! Thanks for looking. Oh, Im poring them in milky way round bee molds + placing in 2 oz tins... heres the exact recipe in the book. Also would adding a touch of cornstarch help at all in terms of greasiness - thank you again yellow beeswax - 27 g / 30.20% ( i used local beeswax from my farmers market ) virgin Coconut oil - 6g / 6.90% sweet almond oil - 12g / 13.8% ( I used apricot oil here) jojoba 12g / 13.80% ( I used meadow foam + argan) thats what I have at hand. shea butter / 10g / 10.50% (Refined) cocoa butter 12g / 10.50% mango butter 5g / 5.30% Vit E 0.1 g Im using lavender EO
  3. Any favorite suppliers for shea butter . Ive purchased refined from BB - nice but just ok. Once i bought a small 1lb jar to test from Mountain Rose herbs ( unrefined certified organic) I was so surprised - it stunk to high heaven and was grainy - real grainy + EXPENSIVE ! What about kokum has anyone used that one - sounds interesting but pricey I love it in body butter + lotion bars
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