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Found 16 results

  1. Does anyone know where I can get perfume like scents or fragrance oils to make a "luxury" candle?
  2. I’m having a hard time renaming “Jamaican Me Crazy”. I was thinking “Loco” but I kinda wanted to incorporate Jamaica as well. Any ideas would be much appreciated!
  3. I’m looking to renaming my fragrance oils!! I’m having a hard time coming up with a name for “SoCal For Me”. Would anyone be willing to help me out with this! Please!
  4. hi all, can anyone explain why some fragrance oils cause headaches? i've been researching online and found out why but not exactly what ingredient or chemical causes the headache itself... can anyone recommend fragrance oils or suppliers for someone with a sensitive nose? who are your favorite suppliers for natural fragrance oils?
  5. Has anyone ever gotten a scent that you've ordered before, but then didn't work? One of my most popular scents is Volcano that I was getting from Aztec, and I ordered 2 -32oz bottles during a promotion they had and found it didn't work at all under the exact same circumstances. I called and they said no one else had the same problem. I have tried EVERY variation you can imagine trying to figure it out! I found it works ok in a room spray (I use a base of vodka & water) but the smell disappears within 5 minutes. HELP! I have many requests for this scent, do I dare try ordering it again? Any
  6. For those of you who may be interested, PEAK is back up and running on a smaller scale but running none the less. I know I am happy http://www.peakfragrances.com Their facebook page is http://www.facebook.com/candlesupplies
  7. I have just started making candles this year and was very frustrated so I put that aside to make tarts, thinking they would be easier. However, I am not getting a good scent throw. I use Ecosoya PB Pillar Soy Wax. I used .25 oz scent to 4 oz wax. I added the dye and scent at about 180-185 degrees. Can anyone give me any suggestions on making these scents stronger? I've been using Nature's Garden scents such as "Twilight in the Woods," "Bedtime Bath," "Rosemary Mint." and "Spring Rain."
  8. I'm getting ready to start on my fall line. Any suggestions for good, fall scents? I also plan on doing a coffee line with oils from JS, anyone have any favorites there?
  9. Hello, Where can we buy the best quality fragrances online? I have bought from 4 different retailers and have noticed a difference. Wondering where the more experienced candlemakers (you!) think the best quality fragrance oils can be purchased. Thanks!
  10. Thanks to Belinda, she told me about Lone Star Candle Supply and how close it was to me (50 min drive) Went with my daughter today and we were primarily looking for bakery, fruity and candy smells. We sniffed well over 100 and the front desk staff there were very welcoming and helpful. Here is what we ended up buying in 1oz bottles to try out: 1. Marshmallow Madness - have been looking for a true marshmallow scent that was not a "toasted marshmallow" and this was it! (You were right Belinda!) This was the only one we bought an 8oz in because, as it was so grea
  11. I realized that most of my FOs for Fall & Winter are foodie type scents. Do you have any recommendations for other scents? I love my bakery & food fragrances, obv., but I think I should expand my variety a little bit.
  12. Hey all, I'm looking for some recommendations for masculine scents to be used in candles made for men. I've got a few but looking for other suggestions. For example: if you walk into your boyfriends house and he was burning scented candles, what scent would make you melt hehe!
  13. I'm new here so I'm sorry if this isn't allowed but I was hoping to get some advice on my waxes (wax melts, or tarts whichever you call it) I make I use 100% soy wax I order it online I also use scents I find online I shut down my etsy shop for a few months because of finances I would like to open it again once I get my shop set up so hopefully I'll be able to work on my melts easier I just have a few questions I would like you guys to answer me 1. What are your 4 top scents ? 2. Do you care if the tarts/melts are dyed a certain color? 3. What makes you want to buy wax t
  14. The biggest joy of candle making for me is blending scents. It is a passion of mine...but sometimes, I actually drive myself insane with it, lol. My brain is always in ' blend, blend, blend ' mode and even if I am trying to relax, it always seems to be working overtime and involuntarily spitting out ideas at me. I actually had a dream last night that I was blending like 35% Pink Sugar and 65% Vanilla Voodoo ( yes, I was measuring it out on my little scale in my dream lol ) and just poured it and it does smell amazing ! Can't wait for it to cure ! But geez...
  15. I just placed any order recently but was looking at some of the newer fragrances and was wondering if anyone has used them yet? If so say what medium you used but mainly looking for use in soy. I'll list some ones I found interesting below. Thanks! Cookie Cottage Pumpkin Honey Chai Winter Orange Spice Autumn Walk Cherry Fizz Green Apple Aruba Coconut Cannot think of any others that are recently new. Let me know about others if I left any out- which I probably did ;-)
  16. How does this suppliers FO's perform in soy wax? Does anyone use them for soy candles? Thank you!!
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