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Found 8 results

  1. So ive been testing a lot with 6006 and i found that a normal wick just dosent work with my fragrance. It does give scent throw quite quick but the melt pool is not that great. Wooden wicks gives me a great melt pool but the scent throw is worse if you compare it to normal wicks? why is that and is it normal ? does candles with wooden wicks need more FO% then a candle with normal wicks?
  2. To start this topic off I'll post links to these two articles that I found on the National Candle Association's website. They certainly don't like nor agree with some research that South Carolina State University has been doing on candles and posting on their website. Looks like the NCA makes some valid points. https://candles.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/The-National-Candle-Association-Response-to-Massoudi-1.pdf https://candles.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/NCA.SCSU-Press-Release-4.11.2017.pdf
  3. Hello Everyone. I recently joined Craft Server and I'm certainly enjoying it. It's nice to chat and collaborate with people that have the same interests. I have found a lot of good information on this site as well as some new ideas to consider and even test out. It's great that everyone is so nice and free with sharing information, tips, tricks, etc. I have already and will continue to share information with you as well. I have been playing around and making candles for the last 3 years and it has been fun, expensive and at times very disappointing. Many times I have considered throwing everything in the trash and I'm sure many of you have been there too. LOL. But it's like I can't stop; I love the challenge, I love the scents and I love solving problems. My goal is to starting selling them as soon as I have a safe and enjoyable product that I would be proud of. Happy Candle Making! Laura C
  4. Hello, I have been experimenting with candles for awhile now, but have not had the best of luck. Trial & error is a part of the growing/learning process. Classes online don’t really help with the different flash points, wax mix ratios, wicks, oil/fragrance mixes etc. I have reached out to several people, but not one reply in over a year :/. No classes here in the valley, and some 1 hour beginner classes in Los Angeles. I currently live in Phoenix, AZ, but would come out to someone who was willing help me learn/achieve my goals. I have the resources to make weekly or monthly trips if warranted. Just finished college with a 4.1 GPA & was going to go to law school, but changed my mind. Spent months in the hospital fighting for my life in mid 2016, and then lost my mother to a medical accident in the beginning of 2017. Those life events drastically changed the course I was headed. Life is very precious, and candle making is a desire/dream I wish to fulfill. I apologize for this long winded synopsis into my life, but wanted to give a sense of where I was coming from. FYI- I seem to like ambitious scents like Neroli, Jasmine, Oud, tuberose, orange blossom, powdery fig, certain fragrant woods, geranium, bergamot, and more. Obviously you can see I love my citrus. Thank you for your consideration!!
  5. Good morning everyone I received my samples of GB 464 + 415 last week but haven't decided on wicks to test yet. Any suggestions on what type/sizes to get. Im going to use some 8 oz square mason jars/ 3" diameter & some other jars that are a tad wider too - I think some jars I was looking at were 3.5" or slightly smaller ? Also, where can I get the rustic looking lids - the chunky ones that look rusted? Ive seen them on I think soysolutions ??? but they were over $1 a lid - does that sound about right for price ? it just seemed high to me but idk ? Thank you in advance for any help you guys might have to offer
  6. I also like to take pictures in different settings according to the theme of each candle, so that people get exited about it.

    © Pabilo 5/16/15

  7. Pabilo

    Set of 3

    I also have this offer of 3 I think it's a good way to expose the public to the candles I'm selling. All the labels I designed using as inspiration designs found in the Caribbean, each candle has it's own concept name in Spanish, for the exotic feel.

    © Pabilo 5/16/15

  8. 'Huerto' is Spanish for vegetable or herb garden, common practice for many people in the Caribbean to have their little herb garden. This is a blend of Lemongrass, Basil and Sage, 4oz tins. I sell this and 8 other scents all inspired by the Tropics.

    © Pabilo 5/16/15

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