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Found 1 result

  1. I've been experimenting with 464 + CD wicks. Im on the fence with these wicks. First off, Im not getting the throw I want with the FO's Ive been testing with. Fillmore's Christmas tree I think will need more than 6%, so I have to retest it again at a higher fragrance load. The problem Im having with these wicks is they burn SO hot. For example, my one test candle was burning well as far as flame size goes + burn pool but getting no HT. However, on my second burn that same wick was way too hot for the last half of candle. I think Id like to try the Premiere wicks and see what happens. For those of you that use Premiers what is a good starting point for containers that are 3" in diameter ? What about double wicking - how do you figure that out with Premieres ? Im just looking for basic guide lines. How do the Premieres burn, are they as hot as the CD's. On a side note, the 2 pines Ive tested / Fillmore Xmas tree + WSP Frasier Fir - I have to say I prefer the WSP Frasier fir. But both have an awesome CT in 464. Are additives ever added to 464 to help with HT ? Another question I have is, Has anyone mixed palm wax with soy. I recently bought a candle with this combo, it was awesome - great HT ... I buy a lot off of Etsy - mainly because I like to support small business + I just love handmade anything ! I'm really impressed with the candles I order from Etsy, In all fairness I only order from about 3 companies. If you use 464 Im looking forward to hearing what suggestions you might have for me + if you think adding more than 6% FO would help - I really so think it would ( IDK?) Thanks everyone
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