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Found 7 results

  1. I'm going back and forth with myself on how I want to package my pillar candles. I seem to remember someone on this forum mentioning that they shrink wrap their pillars. I'm all for that. It's cheap. It's effective. It's fast, easy, and uniform looking. But before I get started shrink wrapping all these pillars, I have a concern I'd like to express. If the candle is packaged in that manner, how can the customer smell it? How do you approach this when you set up your display at a show? The customer wants to smell it. I want them to smell it, too. But if its all sealed up in plastic, how can they without ripping the thing open?
  2. First, let me say this is not my candle. This is an image I saw in an Etsy shop. I have had this happen before. Particularly the one in the back with the horizontal stripes. Since we know nothing about his pouring temps, frag. load, type of wax, etc. what are some generic possible causes for this?
  3. I saw this picture of a pillar on Etsy. There are lots of ways you can package pillars, but I like this. What I can't tell from the picture is this: If this is some sort of paper "wrap" that glues to itself in the back, does anyone know a source? If this is a stick on label, what kind of label would you use that would adhere to wax, but still be removable without damaging the appearance of the the candle? I could use either method.
  4. Someone out there knows what this is, I'm certain. Digging through my box of failed candles I grabbed this one and started to break it for use in another project. First thing I found was the empty cavity around the wick. Not too surprising! I stopped burning it months ago because it had no decent throw, hot or cold. Tossed it in the junk bin. I wanted to see just how big the cavity was and the candle split apart and I saw this blue stuff. The red wax was hard, but the blue stuff was so brittle that it only took a toothpick to break it. What is it? Could this be my fragrance? Maybe added at the wrong temperature or something? This was back when I took very poor notes so I can't tell you much about it. I did find one page that had this color wax spilled all over it. I think this may have been my first and last attempt with CBL-141.
  5. I'd like to make some small pillar candles this winter. I'm looking at some molds and I think I'd like to try a low profile type, for instance, about 3" diameter x 2.5" in height. One style has a flat bottom (top of candle) and one has a concave bottom -- I'm wondering which style most people may prefer, as I'll probably be making these as gifts. Any thoughts?
  6. So far I've made my pillars with the wick held in place and poured the wax over, but I'm curious about using auto wick pins. I'm assuming that you simply pull the wick through the hole after pulling out the wick pin. But then how do you secure the wick and ensure there's no gap around the wick at the top of your candle?
  7. I've already learned a lot from lurking, but now I have some questions. For these questions I'm making 3" diameter pillars with beeswax using an aluminum mold. I appreciate any and all suggestions! 1 - Any tips for cutting the wick out of the bottom of a beeswax pillar so that the bottom is flush. I've been cutting as close to the bottom as I can get, but I've still got a nub sticking out. Should I just dig my scissors in there? 2 - The method I've been using is to pour the wax into my wicked mold, allowing the beeswax to film over just a bit on the top (what will be the bottom), then poking two holes on either side of the wick with a chopstick and immediately adding a second pour. This results in a line between the two pours at the bottom, and, in some cases, the bottom layer is a bit fatter than the rest of the candle and/or seeps down the sides a little bit. Am I doing something wrong, or is there some way to remedy this after the candle is made? 3 - I'm currently using a #6 untreated braided square cotton wick that I prime myself with beeswax. This creates a wax pool that doesn't quite reach to the very edge of the 3" pillar. I actually like the raised sides/mild tunneling effect, though I'm not sure this is really how pillars are 'supposed' to burn. Thanks chandlers! -Alex
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