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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, I interested in making vegetable candles. The most common I believe is the soy wax but unfortunately here in my country all soy waxes are mixed with paraffin. A few companies are making candles with a mix of coconut wax + palm wax + apricot oil (if apricot wax does exist, here we also don't have it). Using wax mixes that are already in the market is not a possibility because shipping cost is very high. I have gathered a lot of information for coconut wax and palm wax separately but could not find information on both together. I live in a tropical country, so to make a 100% coconut wax is not possible because its to soft. I think the palm wax gives a little body to the candle, helps make it harder. I only found one person who made a coconut and palm wax candle and she said that to use 1/3 of coconut oil would help the FO to fix better in the candle. If anyone could give me information or tips to get started I would really appreciate. For example, I read in one place that when making a coconut wax candle the second it melts, the FO should be poured in and someone else said that I should pour the FO after it cools down. Thank you very much for the help!!!
  2. I'm new around here, so hi!! So, I'm using a coconut/rice/palm wax blend. Wooden wick. Glass container. It's a soft wax, which worries me since I live in a very hot climate, and to boot my candles have a very poor hot throw, even letting then cure for a week. It happens with all my fragrances. I read somewhere that the softest the wax the poorest the hot throw since the fragrance won't be hot enough to disperse properly. Do you think my candles would benefit of a little bit more of palm wax since it's such a hard and hot burning wax? I appreciate any input! Thank you
  3. I am just starting to make candles with the hopes of selling them eventually. I am in the process of determining what kind/s of wax to use. I have solely been working with different types of soy wax up to this point. However, there seems to be some benefits from other types of wax (i.e. parrafin and palm). When I research some of my favorite candle companies (Archipelago, Voluspa, Capri Blue, Paddywax, Nest, etc.) they all appear to use a blend of waxes and not just soy. I would like to be "environmentally friendly" and create a "clean" candle but not necessarily at the expense of scent throw and quality. My questions are... Has anyone found selling candles with palm or parrafin wax harder to sell to consumers? Do customers seem to care what wax you use when you are selling them at craft fairs or wholesale to stores? I would appreciate any insight people may have!
  4. I’ve read quite a few threads from years back on here mentioning palm wax melts don't melt in bulb warmers. So is this still an ongoing issue for the majority of users or have warmers evolved greatly over the last 5+ years? It seemed the plate style worked okay but these days I think bulb warmers are the more common used ones. So confused on this.
  5. I know, weird title. The thing is, I would have tried palm wax a while ago but I saw stories saying the palm industry was responsible for shoving gorillas out of their habitat and that it was having a devastating effect on them. I ALSO read that was a lie perpetuated by the soy industry who is of course, a competitor. I have no idea what to believe, but I'd love to try palm for melts if I can do it without making gorillas sad ??! Has anyone here been able to decipher the truth about this? Thanks for any info?
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