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Found 3 results

  1. Quick question about FO and wicks/wax. Ive tried a CSN14 in IGI 6006(parasoy) and have found that it burns really well other than a few things. It mushrooms and soots a bit a bit but also tunnels. I know that too small of a wick can cause the tunneling but I've read that soot and mushrooming identifies too large a wick. I am using 8.5% FO (as IGI 6006 says 10% is max). My question is, if I lower my FO % will this decrease the sooting and mushrooming? Also, will my HT be greatly affected? I'm not sure how much lower to go but I was considering trying 7.5%-8%. Ive ordered a size up just to see the difference and will be trying them this weekend. thank you!
  2. Alright I am now a couple months into my candle journey. I am working with a 8oz tin and Naturewax C3. The supplier suggested 1212, it's the only wick which has given a full melt pool, having that said, that wicks ends up drowning with a few scents towards the bottom. So now I try wicking down, I did 104, it didn't do a full melt pool. I figured it would end up burning the rest of the wax off the sides as it melted down and heated up, the wick just keeps bowing down! Like no matter what size this issue keeps happening?? Is it just HTP that's the issue? I just don't see how a significantly smaller wick can drown out but not get a full melt pool. please help!
  3. Hi all I'm doing some extensive testing with about 15 wick types. I am dosing the candles at %6 (or %5 for vanilla) and I am finding all wicks mushroom, with the exception of ECO, to some degree. Problem is they soot a lot! I'm wicking a 3" jar with an eco 1.5. If it's a harder to burn fragrance, we use an ECO 2 or ECO 4. I have tested with the LX wicks as everyone raves about these, but I am finding these mushroom at the top of the candle; but seem to stop mushrooming as much at the bottom of the candle. They soot a lot on the initial light too, before settling down. I find the same with the CDN wicks. My question is; How mush mushrooming is acceptable? and also, is it normal that a candle may mushroom on the first 3 or 4 lights, but then stop mushrooming as much toward the bottom? Just interested in everyone else opinion. I am a little bit of a perfectionist so I'm trying to get an understanding if the problem is me or the wick 8-)
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