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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, everyone! I'm still fairly new to the candle-making world (about three years in, give or take a year). I primarily use C-3 for my wax and I've been taking notes, testing, and reading the board and learning from you awesome individuals 😉. I *think* I've almost perfected my formula. I'm wanting a clean burn (no wax residue on the sides), minimum to no mushrooming, shorter flame, and great HT. I'm testing in FC's 12 oz. Elite jars (similar to the Libby status jar, I believe) using FC's Sandalwood Vanilla and the ECO wicks. I don't remember the amount of FO off the top (gotta check my notes when I get home this afternoon). The candle I tested for the jar this past weekend had an ECO 12 wick. The first day I burned it for 4 hours, the next day (Saturday), I power burned for 10 hours, and yesterday, another power burn at 10 hours. I'm satisfied with the HT; since it's C-3, I'm aware that the HT isn't going to be a great as paraffin, but it was still a nice background scent that filled an open living/dining area. The flame is higher than I would like (or is that just me?) and that the wick does mushroom, so I'm gonna try an ECO-10 wick. to see if that resolves those issues. Here are the pics from this weekend. Pic 1: After a 4-hr burn. You can see the line where the wax started, the melt pool, and the flame. Pic 2: After a 10-hr burn. Pic 3: Same timeframe as Pic 2, just a different angle. Pic 4: Yesterday, after a 10-hour burn. You can see the mushroom. For the next tester, I'm gonna stir even more slowly to prevent the tiny air bubbles, use an ECO-10 wick to see if the mushroom occurs, and to get a shorter flame height Thanks for all of your awesome advice! YB
  2. 1. Are all wicks the same even though purchased from different companies? So an HTP83 wick would be the same from Fillmore, Candlewic, etc. 2. If a person gets a good flame size, container not hot, no hangup, but there is a mushroom as it burns, should a different wick be tried? 3. When testing wicks in a container different from what you've always used, no fragrance, same wax, do you still wait 2 weeks to burn? I read somewhere on this forum that you should wait at least 3 days. Just wondering what you all do. Goldie
  3. Is mushroom always a sign or result of overwicking?
  4. What are your thoughts on this wick and its burn? Is it too big a mushroom? Flame size? CD-20/ 464wax/ burn time approx 4.5hrs/ approx 1/4in melt pool/ FO- my own blend
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