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  1. My scale started acting up suddenly. Suddenly meaning I ignored the fact the buttons were not working exactly right for a day or two. My KD7000 Tare button was jacked, as is so typical of this scale, so I used a pencil to activate the internal switch. My scale rebelled by suddenly mismeasuring by just enough to put me in my place. Eight logs of soap in a big pour ended up lye heavy. My first indication was how fast the soap traced. Normally my soap progresses like clockwork. this pour was a little bigger-by a log. The temp difference should not have mattered that much. when time to cut I noticed the soap was rock hard. So rock hard it chipped off corners. Sigh. I left the logs stacked on the bench bench to remind myself about humility and wallow in the sunk costs. Over a few days the logs began to efflouresce the excess lye. with soap it only takes a few grams to go from perfectly superfatted to lye heavy. I'll use some of this loss in weed killer. Some, possibly, in laundry powder. But 8logs? Ugh.
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