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Found 11 results

  1. Thanks to @TallTayl, I have been working on getting each of my pint wide-mouth canning jars wicked with acceptable hangup, little or no mushrooms, warm/not hot jar, and good hot throw. I am using Premier wicks and C-1 wax (which I thought people were saying needed to be wicked up; I could be wrong). Anyway, I now am making test candles with some ok hangup, no full melt pool right away, good hot throw. With some fragrances, I have wicked down 3 wick sizes, but still thinking I could go down another size. My question is, is there a point where the wick size used becomes too small and affect
  2. Hello All! I have been lurking and reading posts for over a year but this is my first time posting. I have been making clamshells with GB 444 with a FL of 10-11% consistently. I am melting wax to 185 and maintaining heat between 183-185 while adding coloring and stir until thoroughly mixed (about 2-3 minutes). I then remove from heat and add FO at 180, followed by 2-3 minutes of continuous stirring. I pour at 110-113, stirring briefly before pouring. I have excellent CT but HT is not much to brag about amongst most of the FOs. I am having this prob
  3. I'm new around here, so hi!! So, I'm using a coconut/rice/palm wax blend. Wooden wick. Glass container. It's a soft wax, which worries me since I live in a very hot climate, and to boot my candles have a very poor hot throw, even letting then cure for a week. It happens with all my fragrances. I read somewhere that the softest the wax the poorest the hot throw since the fragrance won't be hot enough to disperse properly. Do you think my candles would benefit of a little bit more of palm wax since it's such a hard and hot burning wax? I appreciate
  4. Could someone shed the light on the subject of Vybar? I've read articles that say it locks up the fragrance and those that say it helps the fragrance. I even read one article where the author said it did both! I've used only 1% in my pillars and never put it in container candles. I've never gone over that amount. Yet I seem to be getting no hot throw at all. Some have a really good cold throw but no hot throw at all. The fragrance is strong in the melting pot (even overwhelming) but once I pour into the mold or container and let them cool the fragrance disappears. This is happeni
  5. Many weeks back I gave a candle to one of my neighbors to test for me. I gave her no information on it other than what was on the warning label. I didn't want to skew the results. I had forgotten about it until she showed up yesterday at my doorstep with candle in hand. I'll give you the basics first. Then I'll tell you what she reported. I'll then tell you my conclusion based on her report and my observation of the candle itself. After you've looked this over, please be brutally honest as to whether I've made the proper diagnosis. If you need more information, I'll try to provide it. The pict
  6. Someone out there knows what this is, I'm certain. Digging through my box of failed candles I grabbed this one and started to break it for use in another project. First thing I found was the empty cavity around the wick. Not too surprising! I stopped burning it months ago because it had no decent throw, hot or cold. Tossed it in the junk bin. I wanted to see just how big the cavity was and the candle split apart and I saw this blue stuff. The red wax was hard, but the blue stuff was so brittle that it only took a toothpick to break it. What is it? Could this be my fragrance? Maybe added at the
  7. I am currently testing 6006 in 9oz Straight-Sided jars with CD-7 and CD-8 wicks and about a 7% Fragrance Load. They seem to be performing very well. There was a bit of hang up the first few burns, but it is catching up now in later burns. There is sometimes a little bit of soot, but not too bad. I am wondering about the Hot Throw. And here is my problem: My living room and kitchen are one big open attached room. When I burn both in the middle of both rooms the scent doesn't quite fill all the way to the edges of the room(s) on either side. If I burn only one I can barely even smell it standing
  8. Does anyone have any opinions of Wellington Fragrance Oils? I am new to candlemaking and purchased several fragrances from Wellington and have been mixing them in GW 415 and 464 and have struggled with hot throw mainly. Does anyone have any experience with Wellington fragrances? Trying to figure out if I should be buying fragrances from somewhere else. Thanks!
  9. Hi everyone! I'm new here. I've been using 464 for a few months now, my HT is sometimes great, sometimes poor...same with my tops. Sometimes they are smooth, sometimes they look like I took a brillo pad to them. I wanted to try a different wax to see what happened, and I had heard a lot of people loved CB Advanced when it was out before, and that the only problem was hot throw. Well, I made a batch, and the appearance was absolutely perfect. I heated to 165F, added 9% FO, poured at 140F, and they are gorgeous. Perfectly smooth creamy tops and sides. No work needed. Love it! But.....the HT is a
  10. So, I started making wax. Not candles, tarts. Here's how I started. First experiment was 464 soy from NG with additive. All fragrance oils I've used so far for EVERYTHING Ive made is Natures Garden or Just Scent. Heated up the soy 464 to 185. added the FO ad 180 or 175 for most, or lower if the flashpoint was lower. 12% to everything since over read you want to add about 1.5 to 2 ounces per pound, which ends up being about 12 percent. I try melting it a week later after it cures. It takes about 8 ounces of it, placed in the 5 burners I have to even F
  11. I am a little sad today. New to candles and my first tests (like 4 different FOs) were great. All of a sudden all downhill. The latest FOs I've tested have resulted in no HT. I've read about the FOs in question and people seem to have great results with them. So that tells me it's not the FO but something I am doing wrong. The thing is I haven't changed anything I did before. It's getting expensive to test the same fragrances so many times specially when I do t sell my candles so I don't recover the expense. I don want to get discouraged because I am enjoying making candles but it's get
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